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Mirzapur Actor Ali Fazal Nude Photos Got Leaked On The Internet. It’s An Accident Or Gimmick?

Ali Fazal has become fans favorite, right after the release of his Amazon Prime Orignal series, Mirzapur. And why not? After all, he did a good job playing the character of ‘Guddu Bhaiya.’

Although the fever of Mirzapur has been settled down, Guddu bhaiya is still trending. The Mirzapur actor was last seen in his latest film ‘Milan Talkies.’ But that’s not it, a few days back the actor had also gone viral for the wrong reasons.

His nude photos leaked on the internet and Guddu bhaiya seems to be upset about the incident, calling it a cheap shot. But is he really upset or smirking from within?

Ali Fazal’s photo leak- accident or gimmick?

Ali Fazal Nude Photos Got Leaked

Bollywood fans recognize Ali Fazal from his acting in movies like 3 idiots and Fukrey. But, it was not until the release of Mirzapur that fans recognize the real Ali Fazal and his talent.

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A couple of days back, Ali Fazal claimed to be the latest victim of cyber-crime as his private photos got leaked on the internet. Although the actor quickly made sure that none of his pictures stays online for long (duh, you might not find them on the internet now)

Guddu Bhaiya’s statement

Ali Fazal Nude Photos Got Leaked

After the incident, he took it to Instagram to report this ‘cheap’ and ‘distasteful’ act. When media asked Ali if it is really him in those pictures, he replied by confirming that “yes, those are my pictures and it’s me in those pictures.”

He also said that he doesn’t owe any explanation to media or anyone but it doesn’t mean he enjoyed what happen (or did he?).

Ali told the media, that the whole incident has made him grow more conscious about using social media. And yes, he is angry about what has happened. Especially because he is soon going to release his first short film as a director.

Knowing the fact that it’s his first film, something seems to be fishy in this. Also, as we know, nowadays celebs are not that afraid of negative publicity. So, Ali Fazal nude photos getting leaked isn’t something unexpected. Who knows, he got this done on his own for attracting free publicity.

After all, he hasn’t lost anything in this. It means, it is quite possible that the incident was a gimmick and not an accident. This has already helped him to score a place in the trending headlines. That too, just before the release of his first film as a director.

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In Conclusion:

Now you know everything. You know that Ali Fazal nude photos got leaked on the internet, he has made sure that all the pictures are no longer on the internet. But remember Ali is soon to be a director.

We are not too convinced that all that has happened is an accident and Ali Faza is the victim. Maybe it is and maybe it is not. It could be an accident but a well-planned gimmick.

So, tell us what you think? Do you think it is an accident or a publicity stunt to come under the spotlight until the release of his film?

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