All the Objects That are Not Allowed as Luggage in Flights

If you are a frequent flight traveller, then you must possess the knowledge of what and what not to include in your luggage. There are specific items that are prohibited by the authorities to travel with due to the history of plane hijackings. Thus, in this blog, we will be discussing the objects that the Ministry of Civil Aviation restricts to travel with. These all the items will be mentioned as per regulations and guidelines of airports to ensure safe and smooth travel experience.

All the Objects That are Not Allowed as Luggage in a Flights

Objects That are Not Allowed in Flights as Luggage by Ministry of Civil Aviation

1. Domestic Items

Passengers occasionally carry a few items for their own use or as a gift for their family. However, a few of them are restricted by the Airports Authority of India or AAI and they are required to follow the rules. These items include lighters, metal scissors with pointed tips, plastic toys that resemble real weapons or rifles.

2. Any Sharp Object

The Airports Authority of India also restricts passengers to carry any type of sharp object. Such items are box cutters, ice axes, meat cleavers, swords, scissors with pointed tips, and knives. In the case of knives only butter knives and rounded blade types are allowed, otherwise all of them are barred.

3. Sporting Items

Sport items are also prohibited by the authorities to carry in flights. Suppose if you are a baseball fan and decide to buy a new baseball bat then you cannot carry it with you to home. But you can include the item in your cabin luggage if you wish. Other sports items such as bow and arrow, cricket bats, golf clubs, etc are banned in flights.

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4. Flammable Items

Highly flammable items can’t be carried in flights, including fuels, gasoline, gas torches, lighter fluid, aerosols, gel paste, etc. Moreover, even power banks that charge mobiles and other gadgets are also banned from carrying in flights.

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