All Types of EPF Forms and Their Uses

Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) provides a variety of benefits under their small savings schemes and investment plans such as EPS, EPF, and EDLI. However, to avail of the benefits of these, a person has to register and manage his or her account of such schemes through specific forms provided by EPFO. These forms are the means of communication between the scheme subscribers and EPFO to offer these services. Down below are all of them.

All Types of EPF Forms
All Types of EPF Forms

List of All EPFO Forms and Their Purpose

1. Form 31

Out of all EPFO forms, form 31 is used to withdraw advance PF from the pf account. Employees can file this form both online and offline and can claim to withdraw partial payments to the EPFO for a valid reason.

2. EPF Form 14

With the help of form 14, a PF account holder can pay the premium of his or her Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) policy from the amount accumulated in the PF account.

3. EPF Form 10D

PF account contributed under three sections- employees share, employers share and pension. And one of the EPFO forms is form 10D which can be filed to avail pension benefits by employees. However, an employee becomes eligible to avail of the pension benefits after completing a total of 10 years of qualifying service.

4. EPF Form 10C

Form 10C from EPFO is filed to avail the benefits of pension corpus which is accumulated in an employee’s EPS account and to obtain an EPS Scheme Certificate. Members can file this form both online and offline. But remember in this case one can withdraw the PF amount only till the service period of 10 years.

5. EPF Form 13

An EPFO member has to file form 31 to transfer his or her old PF amount into a new account.

6. EPF Form 19

EPFO members with EPF form 19 claim for a final settlement of their old PF account. This form can also be filed via offline and online methods.

7. EPF Form 20

Nominees/heirs of a deceased member file for the final settlement of EPFO accounts through form 20. And the guardian is supposed to file this claim on the behalf of a minor/lunatic case.

8. EPF Form 2

EPF form 2 is mandatory after marriage and a member has to file it for declaration and nomination purposes of EPF and EPS accounts.

9. EPF Form 5(IF)

This form is filed under the Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme (EDLI). This form is claimed to file insurance benefits after the death of a member, while in service.

10. PF Form 15G

One of the most beneficial EPFO forms is form 15G, which is filed to save tax earned on the accumulated EPF amount.

11. EPF Form 5

Form 5 is filed by an employer to register a new employee under EPFO, who has never been registered before and is eligible to get PF benefits.

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12. EPF Form 11

EPF form 11 is filed by an employee at the time of the job switch for transferring his EPF funds from the old account to the new one. In this case, UAN remains the same but the member ID and PF account change.

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