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Video: Alligator Climbs Fence Like A Pro Leaving Netizens Startled

If you think erecting a fence can ward off your safety woes and keep wild animals at bay, then you cannot be more wrong. In a viral video that has left netizens startled, an alligator can be seen not only climbing a fence but also successfully managing to make it to the other side.

In an 11-second video shared by Christina Stewart, the alligator can be seen trespassing into Florida’s Navy base property with the utmost ease. Reacting to alligator’s skills, Stewart can be heard saying, “There it goes, over the fence,” as the animal crosses the barrier.

Meanwhile, once Naval Air Station (NAS) was made aware of the creature’s presence, its officials told WJAX-TV that it would not be chased away unless it didn’t show signs of danger to citizens living nearby. NAS also shared a picture of the intruder on their Facebook page captioning it, “They don’t respect our security measures”. Warning people about their presence “Do not approach them ever!

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The video ever since has garnered all the attention it deserves. Shared across various social media platforms, Netizens were left amazed by alligator’s skills and have mixed reactions on the same.


Interestingly, a user also shared a video of an alligator ringing a doorbell. Now I have seen all.

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