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Back To Back Assault Charges On Alok Nath: So, He Isn’t Sanskaari After all

In the league of sexual molesters, we have a new name now.

‘Babuji’ aka ‘Sanskari’ aka ‘Alok Nath’.

With the buzz created by Tanushree’s strong voice against Nana Patekar, it seems the entire media industry is empowered.

Many victims are finally coming up with the vile truth about actors, directors and powerful people who thought that they have gotten away with the crime. But, the reality today speaks of a different story.

Everyone seems to be shocked by the revelation of TV director Vinta Nanda who accused Alok Nath of raping her 19 years ago.

Vinta Nanda Alok Nath

What happened 19 years ago?

So yeah, our Sansakri ‘Babuji’ used to be a big-time party animal. And all this happened, when Nanda was new to the industry and was looking for work.

Alok nath drinking

According to Nanda, she was invited to a party at Nath’s house back then. When the party ended he offered to drive her home.(as he is very sanskari)

But, his evil intentions were behind this all the while. On the way, he plied her with more drinks and on reaching her house, he sexually assaulted her. She even had to reluctantly visit Nath’s house again as she had to get job and money, where he again raped her.

The next day when she told people about what happened, they asked her to stay quiet and forget about it.

Vinta Nanda Alok Nath

She was naive and young at that point in time. She was merely 23 years old and never thought that this would happen to her. So, once she settled down in the media industry, she tried bringing this issue again in 2003.

Vinta Nanda Alok Nath

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But, as expected, got no response in return. And Alok Nath, on the other hand, neither accepted nor denied the charges he was accused with.

What his other Co-stars had to say about it?

The actress Ashita Dhawan Gulabani, who essayed the role Alok Nath’s daughter-in-law ”Malti’ in the show Bidaai spoke on this matter. And as she has spent a lot of time shooting with Nath, she had a lot to say. (6 years or so)

Alok Nath Ashita


In an interview, she said that he treated her like his daughter throughout the serial. She also said that he is an angel until the time he isn’t under the influence of alcohol.

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Alok Nath drinking

What does she really mean?

Going further she even recalled the time, when Nath abused her verbally and was behaving very aggressively with her. She narrated that all this happened because she told Nath to re-think about buying a car for Parul (another actress whom he treated like his daughter) once he got sober.

Alok nath drunk

He wasn’t even in a state to stand when Ashita came to calm him down. And yeah, he went berserk, howling and shouting on her.

The next day, when he regained his senses, he apologized. And of course, she forgave him easily. Because hey, he was drunk, and you can never blame a drunk person for a crime right?

What Ashita believes?

According to her, this is known to people who are close to Nath, that he drinks and becomes a monster altogether. Moreover, she believes everyone has flaws and that Nanda should have complained then and there instead of waiting to bring this up after 19 years.

Now, I don’t know whether she said all of this to support Nath or she unknowingly added more truth to his character, but one thing is clear, Alok Nath isn’t that sanskari babuji as we all knew.

What’s next for Nath?

Nanda is fearless with her accusations and stands strong to bring Alok Nath down for what he did years ago.

Vinta Nanda Alok Nath

Today, she will sit down with her advisors and law personnel to decide the next course of action.

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Who else is with Nanda?

Meanwhile, Serial Tara’s protagonist Navneet Nishan supported Nanda’s claim and even revealed that she too suffered first-hand abuse from Alok, for a course of four years. She slapped and got over with it but today, she stands strong to support Nanda.

Additionally, actor Sandhya Mridul came out in support of Nanda. Sandhya too suffered misbehavior and drunk trauma from Nath during her shoot.

Vinta Nanda deven-bhojani-navneet-nishan

Also, actor Deven Bhojani, who worked with her, supports her claim and is sad about the fact that she was forced to remain silent for these many years.

What did Alok Nath say about this whole case?

On the other hand, during a TV channel, Nath neither accepted nor denied the charges.

alok nath

He could only come up with the statement that in the present atmosphere people would only believe what a woman would say. And in the latest turn of events, the news came out that his health is deteriorating. The doctors have asked him to take proper rest.

The rest of the dealings will be done by his lawyer on his behalf.

In Conclusion:

Well, no comments on his situation but it seems to be a rough road ahead for Nath. With all the ruckus going on with the #MeToo movement, who knows what name comes up next.

But, the whole thing comes down to the point as to how will the law and authority deal with such powerful names? Already, there are names of actors, directors, and ministers who are accused of sexual harassment and rape. And frankly, they don’t look scared or ashamed at all.

Is it because they know they will get away with it? Or is it something else? Time will tell.

Let’s see how this issue takes a turn and whether or not the victims gets justice in the end.


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