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Alpha Male Vs Beta Male – Find Out Who You Are

You don’t have to wear your superman suit under your shirt to prove you are a hero. A man can easily decide if he is a hero or not, simply by checking if you are an Alpha male or Beta male.

If you have stayed strong during the tough times and kept on pushing forwards toward victory, you’ll be considered as an alpha male. Alphas are usually pretty popular among females and don’t face any problem attracting people with their charm and story of success.

Alpha male vs beta male, find out which one are you.

Alpha male vs Beta male behavioral difference

alpha male vs beta male

When we talk about the behavior of an alpha male, they are self-aware and self-dependent. They don’t usually give any excuses. An alpha male is usually calm and knows how to move forward in a difficult situation.

While a beta male is usually self-absorbed, people call them selfish sometimes. And they stoop low with their idea of excuses. They like to work in their comfort zone and struggle when they are taken out of it.

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Love and life difference between an alpha male and a beta male

alpha male vs beta male

You can consider an alpha male as a gentleman who cooperates with women and considers their mate as their partner. For them, sex is all about communication and they are willing to listen and learn.

But you can not say the same for a beta male, as they consider their woman a possession and likes to compete with women. For them, sex is about validation.

How they both see the life

alpha male vs beta male

Alpha believes that together we will win, they look back at life as a teacher that showed them the path of success through meaningful experience.

Though a beta male doesn’t appreciate life like an alpha male. Beta thinks they are the victim of life. Instead of meaningful experience, they like to go for meaningful things.

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In Conclusion:

Don’t worry if you end up being a beta male because it is possible to change yourself and become alpha. Just thinking about life again and pay attention to your actions.

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