Alpha Female Across The World Has All These Qualities: Do You Have Them Too?

Alpha Woman or Alpha Female is an emerging term that is spreading like a jungle fire across the female community. If you heard it for the first time, then I must say, no article can explain it to you better than this one.

The meaning of this term is simple yet multifold which I will explore point to point in this article. Along with, I will also mention the highlight characteristics of Alpha Women and a little guide on how you can bring the one in you.

Let’s dive in this well-researched piece and extend the horizons of our knowledge:

Who are Alpha Women?

The definition of Alpha Woman is simple: a woman who has embraced her boldness in the best way possible is termed as Alpha Female.

When it says ‘embraced’, it means that the lady discovers her talents which motivates her and further builds self confidence in her. These three features, talent, motivation, and self confidence, further come together to attract all the success in the world and put her in the driving seat.

Once she is riding the wheel, she knows exactly what she wants and has the courage to get it unapologetically.

This powerful and successful lady often intimidates men and women. She leaves a strong scent of her personality even after she has left the room.

Origin of the Term ‘Alpha Female’

Alpha, the first letter of the Greek alphabet, was used to refer to anything that was the first in a group or series. Later in the 1870s, the scientists incorporated this term in their experiments and the leaders of their experimential animal groups were termed alpha male and alpha female.

By the 1970s, the term ‘alpha man’ took over and it was applicable to socially dominant men. By the 1990s, similar women were also termed as ‘alpha female.

However, by 2001, it was clear that the term was not used in a positive way for women which was later changed by 2014. The things took turn for good when a German professional wrestler Marie Kristin Gabert, who took Alpha Female as her stage name, earned some important moments in her career.

Since then, the terms Alpha Female and Alpha Woman were seen to be used in a positive way.

Characteristics of an Alpha Female

We learnt what Alpha Women means, but how do we spot one?

I have mentioned a few characteristics of Alpha Women which will make it easy for you to recognise her when you see one. Also, you can use them to find out if you are an Alpha Woman or at least a potential one.

However, if you find that you aren’t one, don’t worry as I will mention a series of habits you can adapt to become one so keep reading till the end.

1. Fearless Leadership

Alpha Woman is impactful and extremely ambitious who likes to drive her life on her own terms. It definitely puts her on the road to success which throws multiple chances at her that demands her to prove her leadership qualities. She loves being in such a leadership position where she can inspire others and mark an impression of her personality.

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2. High emotional intelligence

Just leading a pact does not make a lady Alpha Lady, doing it right makes all the difference. To do the right thing the right way, she is always aware of her emotions and the impact it can have on her and others’ behaviour. She is able to recognise, understand and manage her emotions while also influencing others’ emotions in the right direction.

3. Obsessive Learners

A person is nothing without being able to learn something new everyday. Just like that, she is also a sponge to new knowledge which can suck new information from her or other’s challenges and experiences. In addition to this, she reads, researches, takes professional courses and asks questions on the subjects she wants to master in.

4. Possess Strength

Strength of a man and woman is incomparable but an Alpha Woman goes as far on this road as possible. Though competing with a man is out of the question, she surely is the strongest of the female pack. Afterall, mental strength comes from physical strength, so you will find that an Alpha Woman is always a part of some physical fitness community.

5. Spectrum of Alpha

Being Alpha Woman is not a black and white thing but it is a broad spectrum and she can fall anywhere on that. Some women are on the high levels of the metre whereas the others are on the low one. Some women like to be the leader in a social setting whereas some prefer it in their workplace. Some women don’t like it anywhere but only in their homes or a specific set of friends.

6. Always the Rescuer

An alpha woman is the first person her friends, colleagues or other people around her come for help, opinion, and advice, irrespective if she likes to be put in such a position. No matter how much she avoids it, she will end up in a position of mentorship or leadership.

She may be reluctant to do it in the first place, but she will have internal satisfaction for being a help to someone once she is through it.

7. Highly Ambitious

An alpha lady would always seek out mentors, opportunities, challenges and chances to grow in terms of income, status and everything else. She does not bound her ambitions and success which is why she can also reach the highest levels of it. This limitless concept gives her the confidence to achieve anything in her life which she turns into reality.

8. Harmony Cultivation

An Alpha Woman will always take charge of a group and act as a lubrication between women to communicate with each other. In a social or a professional setting, there must be one of her to facilitate the events which are required to take the process further. This process could be anything from a casual conversation or some assignment that needs to be accomplished.

Exceptional Confidence of Alpha Women

We talked a lot about confidence in an Alpha Female but there is more to it. We should look at it exceptionally so that we can understand such women closely. Here are some of the vital points which accentuate the personality of an alpha and help her outshine wherever she is planted:

1. Contagious Confidence

First, we need to understand that the confidence in an Alpha is contagious and she holds the power to transfer it to other women around her. The energy in alpha lures others which ignites the desire in them to become like her. So, the group takes cues and acts like her which creates a sense of confidence in them.

2. Spotlight Stealer

Whether she wants it or hates to get it, the spotlight is always on her. The confidence possessed by the alpha draws everybody’s attention to her and impresses anybody she comes in contact with. People may look up to her for guidance or as a competition, but she will be on everybody’s mind, that is for sure.

3. Purposeful Living

An Alpha does not just breath, eat and look pretty but she has some goals on her mind. The hunger to accomplish these goals and achieve higher in her life also plays an important role to feed the confidence in her.

4. No Fear in Being Alone.

An Alpha is hardly afraid of anything in her life let alone having the fear of being alone. She is confident that her life is not defined by people entering and exiting it but her own sense of self. She even tends to be more productive on her own as she can make time for reading books and accomplish more.

5. Balanced Life

A confident woman knows how to bring balance in her life in terms of professional, personal, mental and physical aspects. She is positive to manage everything in the given 24 hours and she actually achieves it. It ensures that all kinds of growth are in place and she does not have to compromise with any one of it.

6. Embrace Change.

A confident woman always welcomes changes with a broad perspective be it personal or professional. She takes it up as a new opportunity in her life and knocks off all the challenges that might come her way. It is because she knows that with opportunities comes growth so there is no need to run away from the change.

7. Knows how to Love

It might come as a surprise, but a self-sufficient woman can love someone else in her life exactly like he or she likes it. She doesn’t let anyone enter her personal space so easily but once she does, she pours all the love in her heart on that specific person. She guards her heart for the longest, not because she is incapable of loving but she never found someone worthy of it.

8. You know that you don’t know

Wisdom isn’t measured on how much a person knows but also on when the person is positive about a lack of knowledge. People can gain immense information and knowledge on a subject but the beauty lies in being aware of knowing that you don’t know something. It is a huge trait that you will find in an alpha woman. She always knows that there is so much more to learn from life that she keeps unrestricted.

How to Become an Alpha Woman?

Enough talk about an Alpha Woman, let us focus on how to become one. If you consider yourself in possession of the traits mentioned above, you can engrave them in your life by following some simple yet life changing practices.

1. Be Confident

The first step to become an Alpha Woman is being confident of yourself. It is the hardest step of all but the most impactful too. You need to be confident about your importance and so of your ideas and opinions. You also need to believe that you are worthy of respect and your value is no less than anyone else around you.

2. Fake it until you make it

I understand that you won’t be able to muster all the confidence in you in one go but there is a saying, fake it until you make it. It means that you should practise confidence until it comes naturally to you.

3. Make a list of your best traits

Creating a list of your traits that you think are the best is a good way to gain self-confidence. Take out an hour from your schedule and enlist all your best talents and skills so that you can be aware of your strengths.

4. Set new goals for yourself

Getting out of the comfort zone is the best way to reshape yourself. A good thing to do would be setting new goals for yourself and chasing them. Ensure to have a prioritised list of the things you want to do and pin them down one by one. Also, if you need something to get somewhere in life, do not hesitate to ask for it.

5. Self-evaluation

Now that we are using our best traits to accomplish our goals, it is time to fight the bad ones. Evaluate yourself and figure out what is pulling you away from your goals and kick them out of your personality one by one.

6. Take Responsibility

You should learn to take responsibility for your actions and stop making silly excuses for not doing something. Own up to everything you do and even apologise if required. But make sure not to apologise unnecessarily.

7. Stay positive under stress

Practice yoga or meditation if required, but there should be no way you will lose yourself under any circumstances. Sometimes you might have to set aside your emotions and then act accordingly to the situation. To do this, you need to be in touch with yourself and then you can achieve wonders.


This was my take on the article explaining what Alpha Women or Alpha Female are. I hope it helped you understand the concept in the best way possible. This article also covered how you can bring out and polish your Alpha Woman traits.

I hope it was a good read and you will share this article with other women around you. Also, if you have anything on your mind worth sharing then the comment section for this article is just a few scrolls away.

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