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The Ambani’s Outrageous Wedding Card Worth 3 Lakh Is Indeed A Head-Turner

Weddings are a crazy and extravagant affair.

Everyone wants to do something different and out-of-the-box when it comes to marriages. Some choose a simple destination wedding while some settle down for nothing less than a star-studded magical wedding affair that will be remembered.

Indians too are on top of the charts when it comes to outrageous weddings. And because many business tycoons here have ample amount of wealth in their pockets, they do whatever it takes to create headlines. Be it with their business or with their wedding preparations. And this time, the head turner is Mr. Mukesh Ambani.

Wedding Card Worth 3 Lakh

The all-time famous businessmen’s daughter ‘Isha’ and his son ‘Aakash’ are soon to wed with their better halves. Aaksah is engaged to Shloka Mehta while daughter Isha is betrothed to Aanand Parimal. Even before the revelation of the rest of preparations and blah blah, it is a wedding that people already can’t stop talking about.

And just so you know, right now the center of attraction is their wedding cards.

Apparently, both the Ambani’s have very special wedding cards. Even though it is openly publicized that Isha Ambani’s card costs almost double than what Aakash’s wedding card. (But I guess it’s quite obvious, given its the wedding card of the daughter of the house.)

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Aakash’s wedding card is subtle and chic. And it does look beautiful, doesn’t it? It is enclosed in a cream-colored box that has a Ganpati idol encased in a temple. The card costs around 1.5 Lakhs. Here’s how it looks-

Wedding Card Worth 1.5 Lakh

But that’s not the wedding card that has created a sensation.

It’s Isha wedding card that has made everyone go head over heels. It has beautiful floral cut out pattern, with pastel and pink shades. And yeah, it costs around 3 lakhs. Here’s the video, see for yourself-

No wonder it’s one of the most gorgeous wedding cards ever made and I bet people who got it aren’t going to throw it away once the wedding affair is over and done with.

But I still can’t help but think one thing, India is so messed up in terms of wealth. There are families whose annual income is less than Rs. 3 lakhs, and then there are families who can afford to print wedding cards worth Rs. 3 Lakhs. (Good Lord)

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In Conclusion:

Ok, Ok I know, I don’t need to be all philosophical and tensed about the country’s wealth distribution. But I have one question though,’What do you think the wedding is going to look like?’ Swarovski crystals chandeliers? Champagne flowing in the pool, gold covered appetizers? Or more?

How do you think the wedding cake will look like? Let me know. 
Psst…Let your imagination run wild, after all, it’s the Ambani’s we are talking about!!

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