Amit Shah Says,’Narendra Modi suffered for 19 years’ After SC Verdicts

SIT has offered a clean chit to Narendra Modi and others regarding the case of the Gujarat riots in 2002. And after that Zakia Jafri challenged the decision and filed a plea in Supreme Court which was rejected. Now after a day of pleading getting rejected Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that he has witnessed PM Modi suffer through a “19-year-long battle against the case.”

Amit Shah Says,'Narendra Modi suffered for 19 years'

AN Interviewed Amit Shah

Amit Shah asserted in an interview with ANI, “Only a strong-willed person could’ve taken a stand
to not say anything as the case was sub-judice.” Further said, Modi, at that time who was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, always acknowledged the Law.

He said, “I am happy that Modiji has set an example that no matter the allegation, he always believed in the law and upheld the Constitution.”

By pointing out to the individuals who were not satisfied with the judgment, Amit Shah said, “I believe the same judgment was delivered in the session court, high court and Supreme Court… (if) you are still not accepting the judgment, what can be done?”

“NGOs constantly sought more dates in the case so that the blame on Modiji continues… The NGOs working with Zakia, and political parties funding these NGOs, and media groups supporting these NGOs, wanted political gain,” he said.

Amit also said, “This is not the first clean chit given to Modiji, he did not do any drama to appear before the SIT. We believed in the procedure of law, and Modiji agreed to cooperate” while referring to the questioning series of Rahul Gandhi regarding the money laundering case by the Enforcement Directorate.

When asked if the riots gave any advantage to the BJP, he said, “If riots were beneficial for the BJP, we would’ve been inciting more riots.”

Further stated, “As far as Gujarat government is concerned, we were not late. The day Gujarat bandh call was given, we called in the Army that afternoon itself. The Army takes some time to reach…There wasn’t even a day’s delay. The court appreciated it too.”

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Home Minister said, “Take up any five years of governance under Congress and BJP, and see how many hours for curfew was there, how many people died, how many riots took place, and what was the duration of the riots, see and you’ll know riots under which government has been more. The major reason for the 2002 Gujarat riots was the Godhra train burning incident.”

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