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87 Year Old Ammumma Is Running A Papad Business Single-Handedly At This Age

Life is hard. It can break bones and bend backs with countless hardships. More so, for elderly people who have no one to support them. Quite often, people bend, break down and most of us even give up.

But after every now and then emerges a story of such daredevils, which changes the perception towards life being a complete misery. They teach us that life is also beautiful, scarce and worth holding on to.

ammumma papadam business

A similar tale of this super granny is sure to give you all the inspiration to fight back when life gives you lemons. This 87- year-old granny named Vasumathi Amma hails from Thiruvananthapuram.

Her courage and fortitude have kept her going from the last 40 years after her husband passed away. Ever since she has been the sole provider for a family of 8. And there isn’t any doubt that she has done it like a boss.

ammumma home

Most of the people give up on their life when something unexpected happens. But not her. Regardless of the misfortunes befell her, she has proved herself to be invincible.

When the responsibility of the family came down on her shoulders, she resorted to making and selling pappadams (papad). Right from buying the raw ingredients to making the right mix, drying up the pappadams in the sun, she does it all by herself.

ammumma papadam
And yes, she has been working relentlessly in the same spot amidst the busy Chalai market for the last four decades. Her toothless smile and a huge heart full of love, accompany her each day.


She just charges Rs. 20 for a packet of 25 pappadams. And the best part- her product is unadulterated, just like her heart which is free from any malice, any anger towards life and other people. Her Pappadams are said to have the flavor of her honesty and hard work.

ammumma shaking hands

Thousands of people cross her every day and get awed by the fierce strength she has demonstrated towards life. It is her sheer willpower and dedication which is helping her stay alive and perform such a time-taking task with perfection.

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But now, old age has taken a toll on her frail body and she is facing heart-related health issues. And even then, there’s no stopping her. She continues her enterprises single-handedly. Sells Pappadams every day. Without fail.
ammumma in a shop

Recently, a guy named Bijus Sailabdeen came across her life-inspiring story and shared it on his social media. And as expected people are going gaga over the determination she holds at such a fragile turn of her life. She has received so many heartfelt compliments and applauds from all across the country. After reading the story, some people even offered her financial support. We hope this venture turns out to be a beneficial for her, at least in some way.

In conclusion:

After all, its high time that Amma should step down from her excruciating job of selling pappadams in the streets of dusty and crowded Chalai market. She has already done so much for several lifetimes and deserves peace and comfort for the rest of her days. Isn’t it?

If you are inspired by her hear-warming story and want to help her in some small way, you are most welcome to contribute, to making her crusade for a happy life a bit easy.

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