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Andhra Pradesh Assembly Building Is Going To Be The Tallest Building In India

Andhra Pradesh Assembly building, soon going to become the largest structure in our country. The design of the building has been almost finalised by the Chief Minister of the state.

The proposed design hints that this structure is going to be the tallest tower in the country. With a total height of 250 meters, it will stand 67 meters taller than the Statue of Unity in Gujarat. For now, Statue of Unity in Gujarat is the tallest structure in our country with a height of 183 meters.

About the design of new Andhra Pradesh assembly building

The proposed design of the building has been submitted by Foster + Partners (Norma Fosters) a UK based architect firm. Their design consists of athree floors main building, which also houses a tall tower on the top of it.

Andhra Pradesh Assembly building

The design of this assembly building has been inspired by a lily. As it looks like an upside down lily flower.

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Andhra Pradesh Assembly building

There will be two galleries inside the building, the first one is placed at a height of 80 meters with the capacity of accommodating 300 people at once. The second gallery is little higher, at the height of 250 meters, where only 20 people are allowed at once.

Andhra Pradesh Assembly building

This structure can withstand cyclone and earthquake so, don’t get concerned for the safety.

Andhra Pradesh Assembly building

To make the assembly building a global attraction, Chief Minister had a long discussion with the Norma Fosters team and asked them to make some minor changes. The new design will be submitted to the government with a couple of days.

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Along with the main building design, Chief Minister has also cleared the design of the five buildings of the Secretariat.

What we think?

Certainly, building these high-rises in our country is going to raise the beauty our India. But then why criticise other peoples work!!!

Currently, the title of tallest structure in India has been given to the Statue of Unity, which has been criticised for the cost of its construction.

Though, right after the inauguration of Statue of Unity in Gujrat, Adidtyanath Chief Minister of U.P. announced that his state is going to build a 201 m tall statue of Shri Ram and now the assembly building of Andra Pradesh.

This might help India to house beautiful skyscrapers like New York and Singapore. Tell us what you think? Doesn’t it look mesmerising?

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