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Android 10 Officially Out. Here Are All The New Features

After months in beta, Google has finally begun rolling out the much-awaited official Android 10. As of now, Google is pushing the update in home-nurtured Pixel devices, however, the tech giant has promised to make the update available for other devices faster than ever before.

For the inundated, the update that had been released as Android Q at Google IO 2019 has now been officially rebranded as Android 10 by Google.

“As a global operating system, it’s important that these names are clear and relatable for everyone in the world,” Google VP of product management for Android, Sameer Samat, wrote in a blog post”

As expected, the new android version brings tons of new updates and features. The features caressed to perfection will likely add to a user’s experience with Android. Here are all the key features that Android 10 entails.

1. Android 10 Bubbles

android 10


Android 10 brings Facebook messenger like bubbles to Android devices. It is yet another way to multitask – beside multi-screen – that doesn’t require you to swap between apps in case you are making a note while chatting with someone. So far, Google apps like Messages and Hangouts have the feature enabled.

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2. System-Wide Dark Mode 

dark mode


Besides several apps, now you can enjoy the likes of a system-wide dark theme with Android 10. Once turned on from quick settings, your phone will adopt a dark theme that will save battery. Google has notably revamped several apps like the calendar to blend with the dark theme mode.

3. Focus Mode

focus mode

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Focus mode is currently in beta and lets a user pause an app they find distracting. On a honeymoon but the email notifications just won’t stop? Tap on the Focus Mode icon from the drag-down menu, and shut the app you feel is spoiling the romantic holiday for you.

4. All About Gestures



Android phones are adapting to gesture controls, parting ways from the 3-button on-screen navigation bar to allow users an increased viewing space. However, the functionality was not a part of Android OS, which seems to change with the arrival of Android 10. Most likely, Android 10 will bring in Google Pixel 3 like navigation gestures to all devices.

5. Faster Security Updates

security updates


Android devices already get regular security updates. And in Android 10, you will be able to get them even faster. With Google Play system updates, important security and privacy fixes can now be directly downloaded from the Google Play.

6. Enhanced Privacy


With Android 10, users will get a broad overview of which apps they have given permission for certain things, like location or microphone access. There is a search function that lets you quickly see which apps you have given access to your camera, contacts, location, etc.

7. Wi-Fi And QR Code


With this new feature, you can create a QR code for your Wi-Fi network, which when scanned, by say a friend, will give him access to your Wi-Fi network. The feature has been pushed to save users’ from regularly asking for passwords which we don’t care to remember often.

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