Warning! This Android App is Stealing Your WhatsApp Data

Data runs the digital world in the present time. It is one of the most precious things to possess in digital form. However, in some hands, it can be considered a risk. Hackers don’t leave even the slightest chance to steal your data. Their clever minds can think of unique and effective methods to inject malware to get all your sensitive information. Moreover, regarding data security Android operating system is the most vulnerable. Let’s dig deep into how SafeChat, an Android app, is used by hackers to steal your WhatsApp data.

Warning! This Android App is Stealing Your WhatsApp Data

Safechat, an Android App to Steal WhatsApp Data

Explore Safechat, an Android app that promises supercharged conversation security services. But instead, it is a malware-injecting tool which prioritizes stealing user data, especially from the platforms like WhatsApp, as confirmed by CYFIRMA’s research team.

“CYFIRMA Research uncovered a dangerous malicious Android malware targeting individuals in South Asia. Disguised as a harmless chatting app, SafeChat can be linked to APT Bahamut & identifies similar tactics used by DoNot APT,” CYFIRMA reported on Twitter.

Safe chat becomes a more significant threat than the previous malware as it asks for more user permissions. This way, it gets even more dangerous as it will have more access than other apps. As for its authenticity, Safechat has an excellent user interface and functionality. Thus, they can easily fool others.

“When users launch the app, it slyly requests permission to optimize battery usage while requesting constant background connection. This innocuous seeming act marks the beginning of a difficult journey as the app gains the power to operate even when minimized or closed.
Unsuspecting users register, only to be hit with another popup message seeking further permissions for the app. While the source of this attack hints at a nation’s involvement, specifics remain elusive,” mentioned Gizchina.

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Most Effective Tips to Save Yourself From Safechat Like Malware:

  • Install applications only through trusted sources like Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Don’t click every link you receive on WhatsApp.
  • Carefully read the permissions which the app requests after installation.
  • Keep your device’s software up to date.
  • You can use an authentic security app to scan for malware.

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