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Jaw-dropping Incidents of Animals Saving Other Animals From the Attackers

Every now and then we come across something that makes our jaws drop in surprise. But what could be more jaw-dropping and heart-warming than to see some innocent animals trying to rescue other poor fellow beings from the attacks of the predators?

We come across so many stories of people getting killed, women getting raped or accidents occurring on busy roads, and no one coming forward to help.

And here, some compassionate creatures in the depths and darks of wilderness think it is their duty to save an innocent from hunting predators.

We have compiled some of the videos available which show how animals save animals and display brevity in dangerous situations:

1) Elephant Saves a baby monkey from the jaws of a leopard

A small baby monkey was hunted by this hungry predator when his mother began to scream. Hearing that an elephant who was nearby jumped to rescue the baby from the clutches of the leopard.

2) Elephant Rescues a buffalo from a horde of lions

Seems like the elephant is menacing for these cats and can make them run upon his arrival. This elephant rescues a buffalo surrounded by lions who had given up all hope.

3) Buffalo herd rescues one of their own from the deadly predator

The baby buffalo was first hunted by lions, but the herd and its mother doesn’t give up. They fight and rescue the baby ultimately.

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4) Baboon Saves fellow baboon from the lethal leopard

Poor baboon wouldn’t have survived if not for these fellow baboons who put their own lives in danger to save their friend. See how daring and ferocious they are, which makes the leopard turn on his tail and run.

5) Hippo Rescues a Wildebeest from Crocodile

The wildebeest was just there to quench his thirst. Little did he know the crocodile was lurking beneath the shallow waters to pull him down into the water. Even after much effort, it couldn’t save itself from the hunter. Luckily two hippos did not like the way this was all going and decided to rescue the poor prey.

6) Baby Yak saved from the clutches of a Snow Leopard by the Buffalo Yak

The snow leopard was hell-bent on making dinner out of this poor baby yak. Despite a constant try, it wasn’t ready to let go of the easy prey. But this brave buffalo yak was also hell-bent on saving the baby, and so began the fight for survival.

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7) Buffalo Saved By His Fellow Buffalos

This buffalo seemed to have given up fighting and accepted its fate but apparently, other fellow ones haven’t, so they embark on a journey to chase off the leopard.

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In Conclusion:

Animals display behaviour which is sometimes against their very nature. These videos are the examples of animals having emotional strength and courage to save others from dangers.

And we humans, despite known as the most benevolent species sometimes display a behaviour that defines us to be eviler and more deadly than any other animal in the world.

What do you think? Should we not learn a lesson from these supposed half-wits, but still smart creatures?


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