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10 Animals That Have The Flying Abilities

Do you ever wish you could fly? And no, I’m not talking about flying in an airplane.

If yes, then you are not the only one. In fact, humans are not the only living beings other than birds, who wish to fly. There are many other animals who wish the same and after trying hard for ages, some of them evolved. And now, they do somehow fly.

Here in this list, we are going to talk about those animals-

1. Ballooning Spider

Yes, these are spiders, but they don’t have wings or skin stretched between their fingers that they can use to fly. Instead, they release multiple threads from their bottom, which catches the wind and because of the drag force of air, the spider starts flying. Imagine a balloon upside down. That’s exactly how this spider looks while flying.

2. Flying Squid

Just like surface dwellers, even underwater creatures want to fly. That’s why some of these ocean creatures have developed their own way of flying. Neon Flying Squid can fly more than 100 feet above the water at a speed that can beat the record of fastest man on earth.

3. Flying Fish

Another underwater creature. These fishes don’t actually fly, but because of their highly modified pectoral fins, they can glide. To mimic the process of flying, they propel themselves out of water at a speed of 60 km per hour. Once they are in the air by opening their pectoral fins, they start gliding.

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4. Flying Squirrel

Though these cute animals can’t really fly like a bird or a bat, but with the help of their patagium, they can glide from one tree to another. We humans also try to mimic the flying act the way these squirrels do, by using a flying wingsuit while base jumping.

5. Colugos or ‘Flying Lemur’

Just like a flying squirrel, colugos can also glide. As their feet and claws are all webbed together, it helps them glide. They are very rare animals and found in southeast Asia.

6. Gliding Possum

These mammals are endangered species, as the forests that used to be their home are all demolished. Gliding Possums are known as sugar gliders that have mastered the art of gliding, just like colugos and flying squirrel.

7. Flying Snakes

If you have watched national geography, you must have seen them. Although, thin objects like snakes are not very well adapted for flying, by making the full use of their shape this reptile has learned how to fly. Flying snake and boomerang both use the same science to fly.

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8. Mobula Ray

With the help of smooth, thin bodies that are formed well for gliding, these rays propel themselves 6 feet out of the water at a high speed. Once they are out of the water, their body helps them to glide in the air.

9. Flying Frog

Also known as Wallace’s Flying Frog, they only know how to hop and swim, but they can also escape the predator attacks by flying. With the help of their webbed feet whenever they feel in danger, they jump from one tree or branch to another tree or branch.

10. Flying Gecko

Because of their small size, they are not very good at powered flight. Instead, they extend the flaps on their feet to increase their surface area and try to mimic flying. Works for them.

In Conclusion:

While making this list I realized one thing, we know so many animals with varied abilities. And there are so many animals that we are not even aware of. Wonder if they’d be having phenomenal abilities too.

Are you aware of any other mammal who can fly?
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