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Animals With Superior Abilities Humans Can’t Even Think Of

Animals have been naturally superior in terms of abilities they have which us humans sometimes get astounded with.

Many inventions and discoveries by man are a result of studying animal behavior and their talents, special powers, like echolocation, infra-red, powerful hearing, regenerating from death and much more.

Although there are thousands of species of animals out there, with abilities that astonish us, we here discuss a few which top the list.

Let’s see how these beings we find ourselves superior to are using their powers to survive which is impossible for humans to do:

1. Lyrebird


Bestowed with amazing vocal muscles, this bird is a copycat. It can copy any sound it hears from car alarms, barking dogs, even human voices. They supposedly do this to attract the attention of the female.

2. Elephant


Those huge leafy ears elephants have are not only for the display. It is discovered that elephants can hear a thunderstorm from roughly 240 kilometers away and change course before it can do any damages to the herd.

3. Jellyfish

Turritopsis jellyfish

Turritopsis jellyfish is said to be immortal. Instead of dying, the mature jellyfish turns into a polyp state and then re-start its life cycle.

4. Rats


Rats have an incredible sense of smell and in many countries, they are used for detecting landmines since 1997. Their acute sense of hearing helped them detect over 13,000 landmines in Tanzania, Cambodia, Angola, and Mozambique.

With training, they work faster than humans, who must stop their work if the landmines are pinged. Many have even lost limbs due to this, but rats as weightless options, do not trigger landmine and can detect them easily.

5. Dolphins


Dolphins use echolocations to detect things at a faraway distance including the depth of ocean which is very dark. They also use this sensing ability to communicate among themselves and hunt.

6. Platypus


Another creature with echolocation abilities. It allows them to detect electric signals their prey generates while running away from them, and makes it even easier for them to catch it.

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7. Cats


Cats are the most indifferent and snotty animals, even as pets, but they have a gift of sniffing out sickness in a person or animal. They can also sense a change in the mood of their owner and behave accordingly. Now you know why they are a snob.

8. Fish

fishes in sea

Fish have flow sensors, the sensory organs that help them navigate in the harsh flows of waters, avoiding whirlpools and even hunt.

9. Salmon

salmon fish in water

Salmon’s have an acute sense of earth’s magnetic field and they use it to get around without having to use the north star or compasses like us humans.

10. Honeybees


Bees too can detect electric fields, which helps them find out which flower has the most nectar. Bees have also been quite useful in detecting landmines, by sensing the electric field surrounding them.

11. Dung Beetles

dung beetles

These small creatures can pull up to 1000 times their own weight and are currently carrying the title of world’s strongest insect.

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12. Snakes


Snakes can detect infrared radiations a warm body emits from afar. And the infra-red vision assists in locating the movement of prey in the dark, that’s how they accurately strike their prey.

13. Bats


Again, with uncanny abilities of echolocation, it allows bats to quickly identify the movement of objects including their prey. Using echolocation, bats can even catch a smallest of the creature like mosquitoes to feed on.

14. Sperm Whales

sperm whale

Sperm whales can stay in the water for up to 90 minutes without having to come up for Oxygen. This helps them reach out to the depths of the ocean to hunt and do whatever fish do in the ocean.

15. Dogs

dogs peeking out of car

Talking about abilities is incomplete without a mention of man’s best friend. Dogs have several detection and sensing abilities. They can sense illness, including cancer which our feline friends fail to identify.

Dogs even sense hormonal changes in pregnant women and behave protectively. Some say they can hear the heartbeat of the fetus but it isn’t proved yet.

Finding mines, bombs, and even the runaway prisoners, a few months of training and they are the best tracers in the world.

In Conclusion:

No wonder, the animal kingdom is a vast jungle of an unmatchable talent. And frankly, I would die for even one of the superpowers these animals had. Just imagine if you could echolocate, or sense illness or hold your breath for 90 minutes underwater.

Damn! I envy these superpowers. What about you? What’s your favorite superpower? 

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