Anime Genre You Should Watch Based On Your Zodiac Sign

There’s an anime to look for each mood, and some of the time it appears as though there’s another one each time you flicker. Each personality type likes something else. An anime fan who prefers Attack on Titan may not partake in the more slow-paced anime Erased or A Silent Voice. Zodiac signs length an entire scope of characters and not every one of them is basically as unsurprising as individuals like to think.

» Taurus (Slice-of-Life)

Slice-of-Life Anime

There is an entire genre of anime dedicated to the facts of life since there are so many different anime genres to choose from! There won’t be much drama to be seen in this slice-of-life anime because it is predictable (if life can be considered predictable). Despite the lack of terrifying aliens or amnesia stories, slice-of-life is nonetheless an entertaining genre to watch. Like everyone else, the characters struggle with what it is to be human, the philosophical and moral dilemmas of daily life, and what to eat for supper every night.

» Capricorn (Police)

Police Anime

Police anime features characters who care about upholding the law and obtaining justice at all costs, just as Capricorns are known for being responsible and their friends frequently think highly of them for problem-solving. Police anime is rife with elements that mirror Capricorn’s characteristics.

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» Sagittarius (Sci-Fi)

Sci-Fi Anime

The sci-fi genre personifies optimism and adventure in equal measure, like an idealistic and assertive Sagittarius. A Sagittarius has a unique opportunity to express his or her inherent inventiveness while also expressing optimism for the future by imagining what humanity might look like in centuries or even just a few short decades.

» Scorpio (Mecha)

Mecha Anime

Anime with mecha (humanoid robots) appeals to thrill-seekers and people with the courage to join heroic protagonists in their fight to defend mankind from enemies—all characteristics that perfectly fit Scorpios! The mecha genre is suspenseful and addictive to watch because it features battles for the sake of humanity, high stakes, and heartbreaking fatalities.

» Virgo (Psychological)

Psychological Anime

Virgos are a good fit for psychological anime since they are methodical and sincere. A lot goes on behind the surface in intriguing shows like Death Note, Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor (and its second season, Against All Rules), and The Tatami Galaxy.

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» Aquarius (Fantasy)

Fantasy Anime

Anyone who has met an Aquarius will agree that they are unique people. Since Aquarius is difficult to categorize in and of itself, fantasy anime seems to be the ideal fit for them because they are so original and imaginative. They might enjoy dark fantasy like Berserk just as much as something more traditional like The Rising of the Shield Hero. Even more, fusions exist, such as isekai, romance, and surrealism fantasy. It depends on the individual what an Aquarius will most strongly align with.

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