Animes That Will Be Released in April 2023 That You Shouldn’t Miss!

As most of you eagerly await the releases of the year, from action to drama, arriving in the first week of April 2023, get ready for the Spring Anime Season. Many anime programs are set to premiere in April 2023. Some are continuations of previous installments, while others begin a new season. But, this new lineup is rather intriguing. 

Well, here’s a list of the Top 10 Animes Set to Debut in April 2023! Hang on tight, for this is going to be a crazy journey.  We’ve attempted to include all of the top ones here, as these anime series premieres in less than a month. Certain release dates have been announced, while others have yet to be confirmed by the production house.

Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku

Genre: Action, Fantasy

Release Date: Apr 1, 2023

Hell’s Paradise is ranked first on our list of the Top 10 Animes Releasing in April 2023. The anime tells the story of Gabimaru, a Ninja sentenced to death. Yet, none of the execution techniques appear to have any effect on him. He is on a journey to obtain the elusive elixir of life in Shinsenkyo, which has eluded those who have tried before him. This suspenseful anime series is riddled with dubious riddles.


Genre: Action, Fantasy

Release Date: Not yet announced

For many Manga lovers, Mashle has been nothing short of a spectacle. Mash Burnedead, a youthful and weak human in a world governed by magic, is viewed as a danger to the gene pool and is sought for extinction. This fantastic anime has yet to declare an official release date, but we expect it to be somewhere around April 2023.

Eden’s Zero (Season 2)

Genre: Adventure, Sci-Fi

Release Date: Apr 1, 2023

Shiki’s determination to travel the galaxy and discover new acquaintances closed Season 1 of Eden’s Zero. Shiki and his allies will meet Drakken Joe directly after teasing him in the previous season.

Konosuba: An Explosion On This Wonderful World!

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

Release Date: Apr 6, 2023

Konosuba: An Explosion On This Wonderful world! The new spinoff series of the original Konosuba anime. The plot will concentrate on Megumin and Yunyun, two exceptional Crimson Magic Clan members. Megumin is now persuaded that the secret to becoming a great wizard is an explosive magic. What more is on the way? We won’t know until April 6th!

The Ancient Magus Bride Season 2

Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural

Release Date: Apr 6, 2023

Season 2 of The Ancient Magus Bride will keep loyal to the renowned manga, depicting Chise’s maturation in accepting both Elias and herself. Also, we will see Chise return to her normal life after receiving an invitation from the college.

A Galaxy Next Door

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Release Date: Apr 8, 2023

A Galaxy Next Door depicts the struggles that mangaka Ichiru Kuga has as he tries to provide for his two younger brothers. Ichiru Kuga’s life has been devastated by the resignation of both of his subordinates. As he nears the end of his rope, he meets Shiori Goshiki, who alters his life. Shiori Goshiki, despite being Kuga’s assistant, has a strange personality. As Kuga reveals their engagement and impending marriage, her life is thrown upside down.

Oshi no Ko

Genre: Drama, Supernatural

Release Date: Not yet announced

Oshi no Ko recounts Ai Hoshino’s journey as a well-known idol who is adored by a large number of followers. When he pays a visit to Gorou, a rural gynecologist, he gladly offers to help her. Unfortunately, an unfathomable accident causes him to be born to his favourite idol. This is the start of Gorou’s adventure as he learns about the harsh realities of the entertainment industry. Hopefully, this show will be released soon as well.

Isomaniacs After School

Genre: Slice of Life, Romance

Release Date: Not yet announced

Prepare to discover everything there is to know about the Astronomy Club members. The plot revolves around Ganta Nakami, an angry insomniac who meets Isaki Magari, a rebellious and laid-back guy, in their club. They form an odd relationship and help one other cope with their sleeplessness and its terrible repercussions. Hopefully, we’ll have a firm release date for Insomniacs After School shortly. But one thing is certain: the anime will premiere in April of this year.

Blue Orchestra

Genre: Drama

Release Date: Apr 9, 2023

Blue Orchestra is led by Hajime Aono, who was motivated by his father’s violin talents. However, he quit playing the guitar following his parents’ terrible divorce. Hajime Aono arrives at high school aimlessly and meets Ritsuko Akine, a bully. Despite this, she aims to be a violin prodigy. Their teacher matches them together, giving Aono the opportunity to assist Akine in fulfilling her aspirations.


Genre: Slice of Life

Release Date: Apr 7, 2023

Opus.COLORs follows Kazuya Yamanashi’s ambition to become a perceptive artist in the footsteps of his parents. He enrolls in a prestigious art school alongside his boyhood buddy Jun Tsuzuki. Kazuya wishes to rekindle his connection with Kyou Takise, a boyhood buddy from whom he has distanced owing to a mysterious occurrence. So, exactly, what went wrong? What occurred in the past? Only on April 7, 2023, will the questions be addressed.

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