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Another Facebook breach, Our Data Is Never Safe If It Is Online

The latest Facebook breach revealed the personal information of 50 million accounts.

This happened again. Facebook is apologizing for the biggest hack in its history.


On Friday, the personal information of 50 million Facebook account was exposed by the hackers. This attack has also affected and the personal account details of Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg who is the chief operating officer.

The attacker not just exposed the personal details of 50 million users. But also got the access and control over the other services that users log in through their Facebook account.

Officials at Facebook are doing their investigation. They have informed the FBI and other regulators in the United States and Europe. Zuckerberg said that they don’t know yet if any of the accounts were actually misused.


While Guy Rosen, Facebook’s vice-president of product management said that they don’t know yet if this was a meant for a special target. He also said that they are yet to find out who is behind this attack and where are they based out.

How attack exploited millions of user data?


By starting an interaction between the bugs present in the Facebook’s Code. Attacker tricked the bugs to reveal the digital key of individual Facebook accounts.

Which bug did they use to get the digital key of individual account?

By establishing a connection with a number of bugs inside Facebook’s Code, attackers found a video-upload box which was incorrectly left open. This feature was the part of Facebook’s “View As” feature that allows users to check how they appear to other users.

Facebook view as feature

Attackers used this box to upload a video that tricked the bug to reveal the digital key required to access and control the personal user information of 50 million accounts.

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What steps did Facebook take to resolve the security issue?

Authorities have confirmed that users don’t have to change their account passwords and has logged out all the 50 million accounts. And for safety, they have logged out additional 40 million accounts too. Facebook has fixed the issue and is trying to find the attacker.

Facebook logo in mobile

To inform their users about the incident, Facebook has sent a notification to all the hacked accounts.

How this attack can cost $1.63 billion fine to Facebook.

This Breach in Facebook has broken the regulation of the General Data Protection Regulation, (EU). If they found Facebook has not to have taken appropriate steps to protect its users’ data, the company has to pay a $1.63 billion fine.

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In Conclusion:

Facebook has confirmed that it was the biggest attack in Facebook’s history. Though the user base of 20 billion global user base of Facebook didn’t seem to be much concerned about this.

Are you?

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