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Do You Drink Anything Warm With Honey? If Yes, You Should Stop

Honey is an ancient magic potion that works for almost everything.

You can eat it, drink it, even apply it. Nothing but good comes out of this golden elixir. But according to Ayurveda doctors, honey becomes a deadly poison after getting exposed to heat.

So, if you think that you are doing the best thing for your body by drinking warm water with honey and lemon in the morning, stop it. Immediately. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t add anything warm with honey-

1. When you have it with warm milk

warm with honey

Honey is only allowed to be exposed to heat under 140 degrees centigrade. If the temperature goes beyond this specified limit, honey will lose all its goodness. Above 140 degrees, molecules of honey breaks and reforms into an indigestible toxic compound. This specified temperature is much lower than your glass of hot milk.

2. When you mix it with green tea

warm with honey

When you heat any sugar contained substance (such as honey), they release a chemical called 5-hydroxymethylfurfural or HMF. According to science, HMF is toxic in nature. By adding honey to your green tea, you are intoxicating it. If you really love honey in your green tea, you can add it when your tea is lukewarm and not piping hot.

3. On hot waffles or toasts

warm with honey

Though waffles with honey taste delicious, it can cause the problem of indigestion to your body. Having anything warm with honey can cause ama in the body. Now for those of you who don’t know, ama is an Ayurvedic term used to define a toxic chemical that is released when you face digestive issues.

4. The supermarket honey is already toxic

warm with honey

By know, you must have realized that increasing the temperature of honey more than the specified limit can affect your body negatively. And if you think, those big brand honey jars are not affected by this, you are wrong. By pre-heating honey under high temperature, these jars contain honey which has lesser medical benefits.

5. Raw is the best

warm with honey

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Buying unprocessed honey is the best and the healthiest option. Without added preservatives, it tastes much better than the one you buy from a supermarket. Though, you shouldn’t heat the raw honey as well. The max you can do is add it to your moderately warm beverages or breakfast.

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6. Have it from the source

warm with honey

The only place where you can find the healthiest honey is directly from the source. Beekeepers who are supplying their handmade honey in a small area is the one you should look for. As they don’t operate in the main market, they are not in competition with the big brands.

In Conclusion:

As a kid, I used to only have milk with honey. But now I know why my grandma always used to let the milk cool down before she added honey to it. So, that’s the key folks. If you want to have it with beverages have it with cool ones. Don’t add anything warm with honey.

And if you really want to lose weight, join a gym maybe. Or whatever. Just leave ‘honey’ out of your warm lemon water concoction, that you drink in the morning.

Now, lemme grab my jar and eat honey staright out of it, like Winnie-the-Pooh used to!

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