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Apple Likely To Make iPhone 13 ‘smoother’ Using New Tech: Expert Says

After the successful launch of the iPhone 12, Apple is now likely to make iPhone 13. The iPhone 13 series will offer superior cameras and processors. However, Apple also reportedly said that they are looking at ways to make the iPhone smoother with quality battery life. 

Source: Tom’s Guide

Additionally, Apple may use LTPO displays in its upcoming iPhone 13 series which might dramatically increase the touch-responsive enhancing the all-around experience while gaming and battery life. 

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A Complete Details About LTPO Technology

  1. Apple still uses the regular 60Hz displays, but in the iPhone 13 series, Apple may finally offer a display with a higher refresh rate this year with a 120Hz refresh rate display. 
  2. Users will get display refreshed 90 to 120 times respectively in a second in iPhone 13. 
  3. The battery life of a smartphone running a 60Hz display will be greater than that of a 90Hz or 120Hz display. The 120Hz displays may impact battery life greatly, whereas 90Hz displays offer the right balance of resolution and scrolling experience.
  4. Do you need a higher refresh rate even though it decreases battery life? Many times, using a phone with a 60Hz refresh rate display is enough. The difference using 60Hz and 90Hz and 120Hz only seen while gaming and watching action movies.
  5. Using LTPO balances battery life, resolution, and refresh rate. In order to fix the reduced battery life issue with optimum display refresh rate, Apple has come with a variable refresh rate. Now, the brand uses and relies on new tech like LTPO. 

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