Apple Watch Saves The Life Of A 79-year-old, Again

Technology, not always, is as bad as our desi mom thinks, and this story proves the obvious.

A 79-year-old veterinarian from Waco would invariably thank Apple watch for literally saving him from a tragedy. What tragedy? Well, the one he wouldn’t have been there to mourn.

Reportedly, an Apple Watch altered Dr. Ray Emerson of irregular heartbeat, which later proved to be due to atrial fibrillation. Emerson soon rushed to the doctor where he had an EKG and then had surgery at St. David’s South Austin Medical Center to correct the irregular rhythm.

In a nutshell, an Apple watch, which most of us claim is too overrated and overpriced just saved a life. And surely for Dr. Ray Emerson will come in the list of his priceless possessions.

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Notably, this is not the first instance when Apple watch has saved the life of a person. In another incident, a US doctor recently saved a person’s life by using Apple Watch Series 4 on his wrist to detect atrial fibrillation (AFib) at a restaurant.

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