Apple’s Safety Feature Helps To Arrest A Stalker

What is Apple’s Safety Feature?

Apple’s Safety feature is also called Apple AirTag. This is an advanced tracking device that was released by the company last year. After the launch device got very popular and was in the news for severy days. In fact, there is another reason for which the device comes into the debate very often. News reported that this tracking device was used for many unlawful objectives majorly for stalking. A massive number of reports are seen since the last year’s launch across the globe. It was clearly noticed that the Apple AirTag was operated for stalking purposes majorly. The device that was created for the convenience of users was now getting utilized for unethical purposes.

What is Apple's Safety Feature?

Due to this issue, Apple used unique Bluetooth identifiers for its accessories. With this, your iPhone will alert you if someone else’s AirTag has gotten into your stuff. Even if you can’t find it, the AirTag will play a sound to let you know where it is.

After the problem of AirTag was resolved, now users can’t be tracked unwantedly. This improvisation helps to prevent the users from being stalked. With the successful results, this safety feature recently helped to arrest a stalker in the US.

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How the Stalker Was Arrested?

A man named ‘Ronal Roessler’ was stalking a lady by using the Apple AirTag device. As soon as her iPhone detected an unknown AirTag travelling with her, she received notifications. She was the victim of unwanted tracking done by this man. When the lady complained to the police, Ronald was arrested and accused of stalking by using Apple AirTag. The tracking device was planted in the vehicle’s tow bar where the trailer was connected. According to the reports Ronal was already accused of one more charge and was released on bond. The arrest was one possible with Apple’s safety feature. Now the company is planning to roll out a few more features that can prevent unwanted trackings.

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