Applying For A New PAN Card? Know the Applicable Fees and Charges

If you are applying for a new PAN Card and don’t know about its prices and charges, then look here. It’s not at all expensive, and the process of applying for it is very easy.

Applying For A New PAN Card

Why Do You Need a PAN Card, and Why is it Mandatory to Have One?

In India, the PAN card is a crucial document. It helps verify your identity, prevents tax evasion, and supports a transparent financial system.

If you’re doing any economic activities in India, you need a PAN card. It’s a rule under the Indian Tax Rules.

Some people, on purpose or by mistake, do financial stuff without a PAN card, breaking the law and ending up with penalties.

Applicable Charges for a New PAN Card

Getting a new PAN card in India is easy. You can apply through the official websites managed by Protean (formerly NSDL e-Gov) or UTIITSL. Now, let’s talk about the fees.

The PAN card fees used to be a bit confusing, but now the government has made it clear. There’s a set fee for applications within India, but the total amount may vary slightly based on how you choose to pay. If you’re living outside India, be ready for a higher charge.

For those within the nation’s embrace, securing a PAN card comes with a fee of ₹101, to be precise. Breakdown? You’ve got an ₹86 processing charge doing the heavy lifting, plus a touch of GST at 18% to spice things up.

If you make money as an individual or a business, you should have a PAN card. It makes your financial transactions easier and lets you enjoy government benefits.

PAN Card Charges for People Residing Outside the Country

If you’re an Indian citizen living abroad and want a physical PAN card, it will cost you ₹1,011, including GST. You can pay with a credit/debit card, demand draft, or through net banking. Remember to have your PIN for online transactions. After you’ve applied and paid, send your supporting documents by courier for the next steps.

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Fee Applicable to Get E-PAN Card

The Income Tax Department considers e-PAN a valid proof of PAN. It costs ₹50 for those in India and ₹959 for those abroad, taxes included. The best part is you don’t need a new application form or any supporting documents.

If you already have a PAN and want a physical card without any changes, you can request a reissue. This process is simple and can be done online, especially if you applied through Protean or the Income Tax Department’s e-filing portal.

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