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Are We Breathing Poison Due to Diwali Pollution 2022?

As per the All India Radio News, Diwali residents did not follow the ban on bursting crackers on Diwali. As a consequence, the city recorded very poor air quality this morning and the Central Pollution Control Board communicated that the Air Quality Index (AQI) of the city stood at 326 at 7 AM.

You can confirm the same with the Twitter post attached below.

Just like the comment posted on this Twitter Post, most of the people suggest that it is an attack on Hindus.

Look at this post mentioned below to understand how this ban has affected people and instead of not bursting crackers, they were provoked to burst as many as they would like.

However, according to Mirror Now, this is what happened: Check this video out.

As per this news video, the main reason behind the poor quality of air is not crackers but farm burning happening in Punjab.

As per the news, farmers are burning farms from the last 2-3 days in order to prepare their land for the next sowing of crops.

When farmers were asked questions on the situation, they complained that they had no support from the government in terms of logistic or financial help. It forced them to rely on the method of farm burning as they have very limited time between the cutting and sowing of the next crop.


In my opinion, people should take inspiration from the Twitter post attached below and not burst crackers.

Even if the people believe that the main reason behind the pollution is the farm burning, then too, burning crackers doesnā€™t solve anything. Besides, farm burning is a step towards filling lakhs of stomachs and burning crackers help no one.

The sound of the crackers is just deafening to the dogs, animals, babies, and other gentle beings. Whereas the added pollution is toxic to everybody including the crops these farmers are trying to grow.

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