Are You Getting WhatsApp Calls Starting From +92, +84, +62? Read What is This New Scam

As the dependency on the digital world is growing, the number of cyber crimes in India are also on peak. In the realm of cybercrimes, WhatsApp has unexpectedly become a target for hackers. Exploiting the messaging app, scammers easily trap innocent users, stealing their data through a simple phone call. Alarmed by the rising cases, WhatsApp issued a statement, urging users to remain vigilant and protect their accounts from unauthorized access.

Are You Getting WhatsApp Calls Starting From +92, +84, +62 Read What is This New Scam

WhatsApp Issued Advisory on Calls From +92, +84, +62

In an effort to protect its users, WhatsApp has issued a crucial advisory regarding unknown calls originating from international numbers with specific country codes like +84, +62, +60, and more. To steer clear of potential deception, it is essential to take proactive steps. Here are the recommended preventive measures to ensure your safety and privacy while using the platform.

Block the Unknown Callers

“Blocking and reporting suspicious messages/ calls is an important step to effectively combat scams and when users receive calls from unknown international or domestic phone numbers,” reads WhatsApp’s message. The advisory was issued to prevent further loss for any other user.

“We have consistently invested in Artificial Intelligence and other state-of-the-art technology, to keep our users safe on our platform. Our monthly user safety report that we publish in accordance with the IT Rules 2021, contains details of the user complaints received and the corresponding action taken by WhatsApp to combat abuse on our platform. WhatsApp banned over 4.7 million accounts in the month of March alone,” further reads.

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WhatsApp or a Threat to Users?

Over the past few weeks, an alarming pattern has surfaced, wherein countless WhatsApp users are finding themselves on the receiving end of surprising calls originating from distant countries such as Malaysia, Kenya, Vietnam, and Ethiopia. The enigmatic purpose behind these calls continues to baffle many, but there is an increasing concern that they might be intricately connected to a deceptive scheme aimed at extracting funds from unsuspecting users. Curiously, reports indicate that these calls occur with surprising frequency, appearing two or three times on alternate days. Interestingly, this peculiar situation seems to predominantly impact users who have recently obtained a new SIM card.

In light of these developments, it is strongly recommended that users exercise caution and avoid engaging with unknown individuals on WhatsApp. The simplest and most effective defense is to promptly block any unfamiliar numbers that might cause potential trouble. By accessing your WhatsApp settings and adding these numbers to your blocked contacts, you can ensure your safety and protect yourself from potential hazards. With this straightforward action, you can use WhatsApp with peace of mind, confident that you are well-protected from any unforeseen encounters.

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