Are Your UPI Payments Stucked? No Worries! Check The Tips to Ensure The Smooth UPI Transactions

The Unified Payments Interface (UPI) has actually made our lives easier. Payments are done online with a few clicks and taps, whether we’re shopping at a mall, filling up the automobile at the petrol pump, or just simply ordering food. However, as UPI has grown in popularity, fewer and fewer people carry cash and frequently find themselves in embarrassing situations when UPI fails or gets stuck.

But have you ever thought about why our UPI payments get stuck? A variety of variables or reasons might cause UPI transactions to fail in terms of payments. If you have had similar payment issues, here are some methods that may help you make your payment.

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Tips to Ensure The Smooth UPI Transactions 

1. UPI Payment Daily Limit

The majority of banks and payment processors have imposed daily limits on the number of UPI transactions. Furthermore, according to NPCI guidelines, the maximum amount of money that may be transmitted through UPI in a single transaction is Rs. 1 lakh. If you have exceeded the daily money transfer limit or performed about 10 UPI transactions, you must wait 24 hours before your daily limit is refreshed. If you are in the middle of a payment, try using a different bank account or payment method. 

2. Receiver Details

It is extremely urged to double-check the recipient’s bank’s IFSC code and bank account number while sending money. If the sender used the wrong IFSC code or account number while transferring money, the transaction may fail for the user as well.

3. Link More Than One Bank Account

Overloaded bank servers are one of the most common causes of UPI failures or payments becoming stuck. To avoid this, it is better to link different bank accounts to your UPI ID. In the event that one of your bank’s servers is down, you can begin payments through your second bank account.

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We have several passwords to remember, including those for our phones, ATMs, emails, and many other accounts. As a result, it is likely that you will forget your UPI PIN. If you’ve forgotten your UPI PIN, you can reset it by tapping “Forget UPI PIN” and following the on-screen instructions. If you regularly forget your PIN, consider writing it down somewhere safe.

5. Internet Connection

A network connection is one of the most common causes of UPI payments being stuck or failing. To obtain a consistent internet connection, move around a little to check for a signal or, if feasible, request that the sender turn on their hotspot.

6. UPI Lite

Slow bank servers and network issues are two of the most common causes of UPI payment failures, as previously discussed. As a result, NPCI launched UPI Lite last year to help users with this.

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