Arjun Rampal, It Saddens Our Heart To Hear About Your Separation

Arjun Rampal and his wife Mehr dropped the news of their separation yesterday. It is heart-breaking for us to see another couple separating ways.

arjun rampal and mehr divorce

Although, the news didn’t come as shocking to me. Since, it was no secret that the estranged couple was barely able to maintain their marriage in the past years.

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It seems that the rumor of Hrithik-Susanne-Arjun could be true as that is when things started boiling up. At least in the news. (Just speculating!!)

According to the sources, this was a long overdue decision though.

arjun rampal mehr and sussanne

Also, Arjun Rampal- Mehr mentioned, “We are still a family and will love and care for each other forever.” (For us as mango people, these sort of things just goes above the head).

Arjun Rampal Sweet Family 😍🌹❤😘💕

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But the fact that any couple has to separate after 20 years of journey, is definitely disheartening. The couple mutually agreed to go on separate ways, so, there isn’t any fuss about the alimony. Even though they aren’t together anymore, we sure hope that they do well in their future and take good care of their children.


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