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Why This Alarm Clock Waking You Up Is One Of The 7 Deadly Sins?

Waking up to the sun rays and sparkle is not everyone’s cup of tea. Sadly, we just can’t skip it. No matter how much we hate to drag our asses to work each morning, we have to end up doing it.

We all are slowly dying each morning. Especially, with the waking up to the voice of our maid madly ringing our doorbell, the shrill ‘Kudaa de do’ of our garbage-picker to the sound of the nasty rooster our neighbor has.

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In this world full of lies, where it’s claimed,’Best things in life come for free’, the harsh reality is that- nothing is free. From fresh air to fresh water we pay for everything, don’t we?

Which is why I thought, what would be the next thing in line that we’ll have to pay for? And that’s when I stumbled upon this product.

So, if waking up to that cuckoo sound of clock has become to mainstream, this ‘device for the riches’ is what is needed in our lives. But are we really ready to shell out those crisp notes we have been hiding.

And no, we ain’t kidding.

This billion dollar idea crossed the mind of this precocious 18-year-old French entrepreneur Guillaume Rolland.

sensorwake alarm clock

This genius came up with ‘SensorWake’ the alarm clock that basically awakens three of our senses and wakes us up just like our loving mom would have. (FYI- this is only applicable if your mom doesn’t keep your puny soul in the category of ‘ Uth ja nalayak’. Even though, there’s no doubt that it’s *priceless*)

Named Google’s Top 15 Inventions to Change the World, this magical and revolutionary product is one of a kind, that wakes anyone up by releasing an array of highly concentrated smells.

And no, fear not, the essence isn’t of the usual room freshener, nor the whiff from the maid’s disinfectant while she is mopping the floor.

If that be the case, it would be disastrous for us all, right?

sensorwake alarm clock

Luckily that’s not the case, for the concentrated fragrances, as we can choose from a buffet ranging from coffee to the scent of a beach.

If someone is a forest lover, they have the option of an aroma of pine forest, peppermint, tropical fruits etc. Foody? No problemo, for foodies they have the scent capsule of cookies, chocolate, orange juice and what not.

sensorwake scent capsule types

And this just doesn’t stop here. After tingling our noses with the aroma, the SensorWake shifts its focus on activating visuals by emitting soft lights to help open our eyes. If even then our lazy ass fails to wake up, SensorWake takes the last resort. It starts playing one of five upbeat melodies which are inbuilt.

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One can still snooze it and wait for the show to happen 10 minutes later. AFIK, this entire jazz will cost about $59 for 4 months. (Post that you will have to buy more scented capsules)

And hey, according to consumer tests they ran on over 100 people showed that SensorWake wakes anyone up in under 2 minutes, 99% of the time. (Rest assured we won’t be late for work.)

Sounds pretty amazing, and also magical to an extent, but raises an eminent question that where are we heading with our lives?

What next thing do you think we’ll start paying for? Chewing? Farting? Brushing? Food for thought, huh?

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