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The New York Times Called Revoking OF Article 370 “India’s Folly” And Appealed China To Join US Against India

Revoking of Article 370 has become a topic of discussion all over the world. Recently, ‘The New York Times’ has appealed to China to join the United States and the United Nations to stop what they call India’s foolishness in Kashmir.

Talking about India’s decision to revoke the special status for Kashmir, newspaper’s editorial referred to US growing closer relations to India and said, “The United States and China must not allow Kashmir to become a pawn in their ongoing disputes.”

Continuing the editorial reads, “On the contrary, they must urgently do what they can to prevent India’s folly from escalating into a perilous and unpredictable regional crisis.”

What Else Was In That Editorial?

Article 370

Writing mostly critical about India, the NYT wrote that the decision of the central government of India to revoke the semi-autonomous status of Kashmir is not the right move. It is dangerous and wrong, bloodshed between two neighbouring countries is certain, which will raise the tension between India and Pakistan to the next level.

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Quoting the former President Bill Clinton’s characterisation of Kashmir. The headline of the editorial read, “India Tempts Fate in Kashmir, ‘The Most Dangerous Place in the World’, By revoking the special status of the mountainous territory, India is courting conflict with Pakistan.”

The editorial also found quoting, Pakistan Foreign Ministry as saying, “Pakistan will exercise all possible options to counter the illegal steps,” and opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif warning, “Kashmir is the jugular vein of Pakistan, and anyone laying a hand on our jugular vein will meet a frightful end.”

Not just all the bad about India, as editorial also pointed out the militants who are often backed by Pakistan to cause trouble in our country.

The editorial reads, “Muslim militants, often backed by Pakistan, joined the fray, striking at Indian troops in Kashmir and at targets deep inside India, including a multiday killing spree in Mumbai in 2008 that left more than 160 people dead.”

In Conclusion:

Though, this might be all in favour of India. Knowing that under President Trump, the United States has shifted its favours from Pakistan to India. And recently the US has warned Pakistan against any infiltration, said that the Trump Government is closely watching India’s move on Kashmir.

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