Artificial Intelligence In Education System: The Need Of Hour

The emergence of AI Technology has become a key factor in promoting growth and development in all industrial sectors. Now, the time has come that our youth must get enlightened with the ground theory of AI from the beginning. It seems like the initiative has already been started. Madhya Pradesh Govt understands the hour need and recently had announced Artificial Intelligence to introduce in the course of Class 8th Students. Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan said this will be the first-ever initiative in the Country. 

AI Technology is considered to be an integral part of universal learning. Today, AI learning is necessary to get integrated into our teachings and learning as this can aid the education system to attain the best outcome. Towards this, the role throughout the country of educators and teachers is prominent. 

Artificial Intelligence

We will witness enhanced learning outcomes for all students and instructors as the AI sector grows and innovation takes center stage.

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Benefits Of Bringing Artificial Intelligence Into The Indian education System

  • As per UNESCO records released in 2021, In the country, there are around 1.2 lakh single-teacher schools, with 89 percent of them located in rural areas. India will require an additional 11.16 lakh teachers to fill this gap. AI has the potential to alleviate this deficit and give universal access to education.
  • For teachers, reaching each student is quite difficult, and it even becomes more complex with the growing population. With Artificial Intelligence , the issue can be resolved if our educational system implements AI systems in classrooms.
  • Students can procure a personalized learning approach. AI can adjust to each student’s level of knowledge, speed of learning, and desired goals so they can be more focused and fetch the best outcome from it.
  • Chatbots can aid students in getting their answers and queries resolved at any time and any place. They no longer need to wait for their teachers to give them the answers; instead, they’ll be able to march ahead of schedule with the touch of a button.
  • Teachers can procure the aid of AI in their administration work such as Feedback creation for students, Grading, arranging PTM, and so on. Applications like Text to speech save teachers time on a day-to-day basis. So, they can focus on other creative aspects of learning. 

It becomes quite necessary to uplift the learning of every student. Artificial Intelligence comes with endless possibilities if initiated in the Education System.

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