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10 Best #AryaChallange Videos From Twitter That Will Leave You ROFL-ing!

The much-awaited third episode of Game Of Thrones finally aired and my my, what an episode it was.

Arya, with her badass moves, ended up smashing the Ice King into million pieces like a boss. With this, she won the hearts of fans once again. But now, fans are giving a hilarious twist to the sexy move Arya pulled off while killing the Night King.

What’s the #AryaChallenge?

In the already very long list of social media challenges, a new one was added by eager fans who wanted to repeat the same steps Arya did while killing the Night King. And thus, the #AryaChallenge was born. It is definitely one of the most iconic scenes of the entire series.

But hey, the music surely could have been replaced. So, a fan thought it would be uber cool to replace the soundtrack of the piano with the theme song of Avengers. And it surely does pump the scene up.

Take a look at the Game of Throne feat Avengers soundtrack video and tell me how do you like it-

After watching Arya’s sneak attack on Night King, many are now uploading short videos of them trying to pull off the same move using, hairbrush, butter knife and what not. Here are the 10 best picks of#AryaChallenge-

1. This commentator sure took a lot of inspiration from Arya

2. The selfie King copying Arya moves

3.  A plumber doing #AryaChallenge is the best thing you can see

4. This definitely was the worst depiction of Arya’s move but no doubt hilarious

5. Bartender attempting #AryaChallenge

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6. This one got the move right

7. Now that’s how you unlock your car in #AryaChallenge style


8.  This one is a compilation of a group of people, enjoy

9. The robotic #AryaChallenge move

10. This dad failed to impress her daughter with the #AryaChallenge. LOL.


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In Conclusion:

There is no doubt that Arya has won millions of heart with this move. And it is not the first time that she did something of this sort. The way she killed Lord Frey and the soldiers as a revenge of the Red wedding too was one of my favorite scenes up till the third episode of eight seasons was released.

Some fans are using the #NotToday while doing the Aeya move while some are plainly sticking to #AryaChallenge Nevertheless, this challenge has gone viral and it seems that fans will never let the world forget about the sexiest fight move Arya displayed while killed the Dead army head-Night King.

On that note, what do say to the god of death??
‘Not Today’!

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