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Ash Ketchum Is Officially A Pokemon Master After 22 Years Since Debut

Most of us have grown up seeing Ash Ketchum, the Pokemon fame, wanting to be the best among everyone else. And as a kid, we have eternally wanted him to see as a Pokemon master. To our delight, the day has finally come. The forever-10-years old has finally won a regional Pokemon League, to become a Pokemon Master. Wohoo!!

In the most recent episode of Pokemon Sun & Moon, which is the sixth series of the anime, Ash has won the Alola region Pokemon League to become a Pokemon Master. Sadly, the English version has not been aired yet. Hence, we will have to wait our ass out to behold the intense combat it must have been.

The Journey

ash ketchum

The feat which took Ash 22 years to achieve was never simple. He and his friends had to venture through distinct lands in an attempt to catch them all, train his Pokemons to be the best, handle defeats, and lift himself up again and again for another raging battle.

And ofc, one can’t forget the miscreants’ Team Rocket, who added to his woes invariably. 


After the win historic win, Pokemon fans went bonkers and lauded Ash’s hard-earned victory.

Before the historic win, Ash has lost as many as six champions, namely:

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