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Here’s Why R. Ashwin Threw His Gloves In Anger After Receiving Fiery Send-Off From Kohli

IPL 2019 is every bit exciting. No matter which team or player you support, IPL never fails to entertain you.

Be it Virat Kholi’s aggressive nature on the field or the once in a lifetime Bahubali avatar of M.S. Dhoni, you get to see it all on IPL. Maybe that’s the reason fans never get bored by any IPL match.

Keeping up the same entertainment quotient, R. Ashwin joined the league of anger display on the field just like our Kohli.

What happened in the IPL match?

The proud captain of Kings XI Punjab R. Ashwin was seen pouring down his anger against Virat Kohli after he took his catch and sent him back to the pavilion. Though, Ashwin says that it was nothing but a passionate reaction for the game.

And why not, it was a crucial time in the match. Kings XI Punjab needed 27 runs from the final over, which was definitely achievable. The last over was intense and became exciting as Ashwin tossed off the ball behind boundary right on the first ball. With this, the hope of winning the match ignited.

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But soon, it all came crumbling down. The next ball landed staright in Koli hands as Ashwin hit it staright at long-off and lost his wicket. Naturally, Virat, for the person he is, celebrated this wicket with style and gave him a fiery send-off.

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Why did Ashwin throw his gloves?

Watching Virat celebrate, Ashwin lost his cool too and ended up throwing his gloves in the dugout. Thousands saw this first hand and the rest watched it on the television. Some were shocked, some were entertained, but some made it a hype that Ashwin was angry on the field. Big deal?

Here’s the full video:

When asked about his reaction in the post-match press conference, Aswin said,’ I just played with passion, so does he (Virat). That’s it. As simple as that.’

He further explained the whole ordeal about the match and his feelings about the loss. He went on saying,’ Three overs for 60 odd runs wasn’t desirable, but we were in the chase all along and I thought we couldn’t finish it off in crunch situation. That is what you back the senior players to do. Didn’t quite turn out the way we wanted. That is exactly how that is gone for us the entire tournament. Whenever we played those crucial moments, we won, and whenever we haven’t, we have lost it, because the games are really really tight for us.’

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In Conclusion:

The point is when a good cricketer plays the game, he plays it with passion. And this was the only reason that he threw his gloves because he really wanted to win the game and not walk back to the pavilion with a loss. Nevertheless, IPL 2019 has shown different aspects of players that you might not have seen before.

After Virat, Dhoni, it was Ashwin’s time to display his passion for cricket which he certainly did with a swag, didn’t he?

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