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Aslam Baba Who Use To ‘Treat’ Coronavirus By Kissing People’s Hand Dies Of COVID, Infects 24

It is pretty sad to see people still being fooled by babas in the name of treatment. And this article is an example why you must not entertain such things. Man, it’s 2020.

A baba in Madhya Pradesh, who claimed to cure coronavirus by kissing devotees hand, has died of coronavirus. No wait, there is more to it, the kiss that he used to plant on people’s hand has left many infected with the virus.

Source – OP India

According to information from the Health Department, so far 85 people have been found infected in Ratlam district, of whom 19 came in contact with the ‘baba’ in the Nayapura area.

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Nodal officer Dr Pramod Prajapati also admitted that 24 people have been found infected who were in contact with the ‘baba’. The district currently has 46 active patients. So far four people have died.

The baba, named Aslam Baba, as per reports, died due to coronavirus on June 4. After his death, many were quarantined while others regret the superstition that people still believe in.

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