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Viral Picture Of Assistant Dog Nursing Other Animals Will Give You A Lesson About Humanity

It’s a good start of the week for pet lovers, as a viral picture of the assistant dog is going viral.

With more than 48k likes on Twitter and 18k upvotes on Reddit, this post has gone viral on several social media platforms.

What was so special?

assistant dog

The adorable picture is showing an assistant dog, that works with his hoo-man, who is a veterinarian. His master helps patient dogs to get better with the help of medicines, while the assistant dog comforts the sick dogs, to distract them from their pain.

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Isn’t that genius and beautiful?

This is not the first time something of that sort has happened, dogs always been the best friend of humans. There are several stories that we have heard, about the loyalty of a dog. Dog’s waiting for their master at the train station, dog helping his wounded master and many more.

Though in all those past stories, we have seen a dog helping a human. But this picture is showing something different, a dog helping other dogs.

Just like humans, this assistant dog can be seen comforting another sick dog, who is lying on a stretcher.

The post was originally published on Reddit by the user “Eyebleach,” with the caption saying, “The veterinarian has an assistant doggo to comfort the sick doggo patients and let them know everything is going to be alright.”

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In Conclusion:

Amidst all the negativity, seeing pictures like this certainly, help us believe in the good and positive part of the life. If you are feeling low for any reason, just remember there is always a silver lining. So, instead of getting upset, try and do good. I’m sure this assistant dog has made you go “awwww,” making you forget the reason you were mad at a few seconds later.

So, tell us what you think? Are you feeling emotional (in a good way) yet?

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