At least 30 Migrant Labourers Have Died In Road Accidents In The Last 4-5 Days. What's Happening? - Viral Bake

At least 30 Migrant Labourers Have Died In Road Accidents In The Last 4-5 Days. What’s Happening?

Migrant labourers were dying of hunger when there was no facility to take them back home. And now, when there are buses and trains ferrying them home, they are still dying in road accidents.

Better you will understand if we recall several accidents associated with migrant labourers in the last few days. Have a look:

1. As of on May 14, eight migrant workers were reported dead after the truck they were travelling in was hit by a speeding Bus in Madhya Pradesh.

2. On the same day, six migrant labourers were run over by a UP government bus. The labourers had been walking to their hometown in Bihar from Punjab amid the coronavirus lockdown.

3. On May 13, a truck carrying a group of 54 migrant labourers and their families from Ahmedabad in Gujarat to Balrampur in Uttar Pradesh rammed into a bus and killed as many as three people.

4. In Chitrakoot, a migrant labourer, who was on his home in Uttar Pradesh from Chhattisgarh on a bicycle, was hit by a truck.

5. Again on May 13, two persons died after a supply truck carrying migrant labourers from Ahmedabad rammed into a truck near Kanpur Dehat.

Source – The Wire

6. At least seven migrant workers on their way back home were killed in two separate road accidents in north India on May 11.

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7. Four migrant workers, including a woman and her daughter, were killed in seperate accidents in UP and Haryana on May 10.

These are accidents that have occurred in the last 4-5 days. And I am sure there are many more that go unreported.

The worst part is that these accidents are occurring in times when there is minimal traffic on the roads with only limited vehicles plying amidst lockdown. Thus, the governments, who-so-ever in power in states must mull what’s going wrong instead of playing blame games.

Source – News 18

Bus drivers have always been infamous for drinking and driving so maybe that is leading to these road accidents causing the lives of innocent. What-so-ever is the reason, it is time to understand the same and ensure incidents like these are not reported.

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And it’s not the responsibility of a certain government in power but all governments collectively, for they have always been so vocal about sending migrants back home. But, if this is their way to send them back home, letting them travel with drunk, careless drivers or in pathetic conditions, then it is better to not send them to the safety of their home.

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