Australian Imam Sufyaan Khalifa Asks Muslims Not To Get COVID-19 Vaccine Because It’s ‘Haram’

We know that the world has got several people who are best at making a mockery of themselves, however, we never knew people can be this blunt too.

A controversial Imam hailing from Australia was recently reported urging Muslims not to take a potential coronavirus vaccine, claiming it is ‘haram’. And that is one more incident when such people who claim to guide a religion towards prosperity often mislead people.

The imam says that Muslims must not take vaccines being developed at the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca, saying it’s ‘forbidden’ in their religion. 

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Sufyaan Khalifa shared a YouTube video on his channel titled “A message to Aussie Muslims stand up: Follow the way of the Prophets” told Muslims in Australia about the method adopted by the company to develop the COVID-19 vaccine. 

“Shame on some Muslim bodies justifying the use of the vaccine. Shame on any imam who did sign this fatwah,” Mr. Khalifa said in the video. 

“The catholics have stood up against this clearly because they know it’s haram, it’s unlawful. But you stand with the government instead,” the Perth-based imam said. 

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Interestingly, it is not only Mr. Khalifa who is concerned about the Australian vaccine. As per a report by a Mail Online, catholic Archibishop of Sydney, Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, and the city’s Greek Orthodox Archbishop have also written to the Prime Minister asking him to reconsider the 25 million doses procurement deal made by the goverenemnt.

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The fuss is about the components being used to make the vaccine. The senior Catholic archbishop says that he is “deeply troubled” by the COVID-19 vaccine because it uses a fetal cell line that creates an “ethical quandary” for Christians.  

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Officials in Australia have said they respect the sentiments of religious communities and that that they are “investing in research and technology that we hope will produce a range of vaccines that will be suitable for as many Australians as possible.”

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However, people must understand that scientists, as of now, don’t have the time to scout for options as many people are dying because of the virus and such vaccines can save them. Finding alternatives for the vaccine can be thought of later when the situation would be under control.

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And to be honest, firstly, you need a life to preach your religion, right?

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