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Against The Typical Indian Bahu Rules, Australian Woman Comes Up With A Sanskari Husband List Of Her Own

Turns out, Indians aren’t the only crazy ones.

We all know that Indians demand a ‘Typical Bahu’. She has to be efficient in cooking, cleaning, not talking to other men and blah-blah. But against this stereotype, an Australian woman has replaced the cliched ‘Bahu rules’ list with a ‘Sanskari Patee’ list of her own.
Australian Woman marital list
Yup, you heard it right.

I don’t know if she is somehow from an Indian origin or not, but it seems that she hates the fact that only a married woman should be given the do’s and don’ts.

Which is why, when she got married, she came up with a set of marital rules like- ‘No porn, No drinking, Cleaning house etc. etc.’ for her husband. And if he wants to live happily with her, he must follow those rules.

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Australian Woman marital list

Who is this Boss lady?

The Australian woman named ‘Rosie’ got married and came up with a set of weird and bizarre rules. Once you go through the list you will get the point why I called them weird in the first place. This is the list she posted on a closed Facebook group.

list of rules for married man
And hey, just so you know this is the second list. Because the first one she posted received the comments for being too harsh.
Australian Woman marital list

She has already received over 1000 comments. And most of them were from outraged people who couldn’t digest the fact that she is serious about all these rules.

A few users even backslashed at her saying,’ Well you have to follow the same rules – no male friends and no social media’.

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Australian Woman marital list

Another person booed,’ You can’t own someone! This is a hostage negotiation, not a marriage’. “If that’s your list I’m sorry to say [you] will probably be single for a long time,” added another ridiculed user.

I know when it comes to the listing of rules to be followed after marriages, Indians would have really liked this list. (only if it was meant for a married woman) But as this list is for an Australian married man, I don’t know how hurt Indians will be after they read it. (pun intended)

In Conclusion:

Any which ways, this list is utterly lame and stupid. Be it for a married man or a woman. The lady needs to understand that she has married a human being and not a pet. Nevertheless, she is already slammed and trolled for her marital rules and I hope she understands why people are reacting this way.

Otherwise, I guess she should take up the advice of people who want her to go for counseling. So that she gets her delusional thought process fixed. LOL.

But as far as I feel, it could very well be a post she purposely did to troll and kick some drama.
Who knows?

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