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Avengers End Game: You Might Hate Him But Thanos Is Actually Not That Bad (NO SPOILERS)

Alright, the day has arrived. Fans are excited, theatres are full (even doing early morning and super late night shows). Just so you can see your favorite heroes fighting for whatever they have left with.

Yes, I’m talking about Avengers: End Game, the last Avenger movie. It might be the last ‘Stan Lee cameo’ as well. We miss you, Stan Lee. But today, we are here to discuss something more important. We are here to discuss the main big villain of the Marvel Universe, Thanos.

The big guy is part of the Marvel Avengers, since the release of first Avengers movie in 2012. Most of us think he is the biggest villain. But you should know, he is not that bad after all.

This is why Thano’s is not that bad

Avengers end game

Thanos might not be the hero we want, but he is the hero we need. Let’s think for a second, what did Thanos really want? At first, it might seem like he is megalomaniacal, someone who has an obsessive desire for power.

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But when fans get introduced to the Thanos in the Infinity War, we get to see that it is not power what he is looking for. Instead, he wants to save the cosmos from a disastrous fate.

Our world is suffering from overpopulation. It has already raised many problems for our world. For humans, pandemics, starvation, access to clean, fresh water is some of the problems caused by overpopulation. And for our planet, increasing population is causing pollution, climate change (global warming) and the collapse of biodiversity.

Same has happened to the Thanos’s home planet Titan. In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos explains that he has seen the effects of overpopulation on its home planet. Which lead to a global catastrophe, he has asked his fellow Titans to act and fix the problem of overpopulation. But no one paid attention to him and the results were pain and sorrow.

He doesn’t want that to happen to the other plants as well. So, he decided to save the cosmos from the same fate. Halving the population seems to be the easiest and the simplest option to save our planet.

Can you hate him now?

Avengers end game

Well, what he has done is absolutely wrong, but he is not a bad guy, his intentions are to save the cosmos. He sacrificed half the population so that our world doesn’t have to sacrifice every single being at the end.

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You have your reasons to hate him, but still, he is not as bad as Hitler. Yes, he didn’t wipe out any particular race or ethnicity. His choice was random. Not just this but throughout the movie, he didn’t show any thirst for killing.

He did kill Loki but he didn’t want to. He let Thor live, didn’t harm any Guardian of the galaxy or Avengers. You might think is crazy over the powered villain, but in reality, he is a good wise guy.

Wiping half of the planet might seems like a devious deed. But as Thanos says, it is merciful. Death is always merciful. Afterall you don’t have to deal with the suffering after death and death is always merciful.

And knowing what overpopulation can do, don’t you think wiping half population is actually a better option than allowing the universe to because of the overpopulation.

In Conclusion:

His snap has helped billions and trillions from the present and future suffering. Though, you can still hate him for what he tried to do. But remember to go and watch the Avengers: End Game in the theatres.

Also, try to stay away from the internet as there are too many spoilers floating on social media.

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