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Hey! Marvel Fans, You Will Love These Honest Trailers From A Smart Mouth And An Observer

Trailers…… They always excite us.. Giving us a lot of hope and expectations from the movie to come..

However, not every time our expectation gets fulfilled.

Sometimes, the trailers in itself give us subtle hints to not come and watch the same thing in repeat mode for another 2 hours.

Fans, but fans doesn’t hold back. They are too loyal to do that. They will watch no matter what.

Though, this post is for the fans.. But we are not going to watch flop shows in this post.

We gonn watch trailers of some ass kicking biggest blockbuster movies, but with a little twist of honesty in it.

Because honestly, this bunch of fans is doing some work that requires utter presence of mind and microscopic observation with that. They have an approved YouTube account and goes by the name screen junkies.

Created by Andy Signore and Brett Weiner back in 2011. And now they have more than 6 million fans in the form of subscribers. However, Andy Signore got defied from his job at Defy Media (parent of screen junkies) because of continuous sexual harassment complaints.

Lets move past that and watch what we have here. These handpicked trailers will tell you ‘why is why‘ and ‘why is why’. I couldn’t come up with a better explanation for why is why. But they sure opened my eyes and now I really understand how similar life of Dr. Strange and Iron Man is!

Check out more such mind blowing observations! Only here at ‘Honest Reviews’

Ryan Reynolds Ft. Deadpool Ft. Vancity Ft. Honesty Vs. Reality

Winter soldier becomes Cable in future who return from future

Mister Miyagi wax off

All black everything.. OK just 90%

Not just the bromance

Bonus Trailer: Since you enjoyed watching these videos so much.. here is ..another one (in the voice of DJ Khaled)

What is the most hilarious dialogue you remember from Marvel universe!? Please share with us in comments.

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