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Healthy Tips: This Is How You Can Avoid Catching Germs In A Public Toilet

Not everyone is comfortable using public washrooms. Why? Because most of the time, those pots are just too dirty to sit on. Moreover, many people believe that they catch STD from sitting in a public.

But what they don’t know is that sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted sexually. I’m not afraid of catching STD’s by sitting on a public toilet seat. Still, I like to keep by buttholes tight, when I’m on a road trip until I get to the hotel I’ve booked. I got my own reasons for that.

If not STD, then what is that most of us are afraid of? Is there actually anything that you should be aware of. Well, a public toilet is not a very hygienic place. At some public toilets, you’ll find them very clean, but at most of them, you have to hold your breath while dealing with the natures call.

So what is it that you can catch by sitting on a public loo?

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Just because you don’t find most of the public toilets very clean, it’s a paradise for germs. You heard it right, the place is filled with harmful bacterias and germs that can make you sick.

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Hepatitis A, salmonella, common cold and flu are some of the very common. Though, it’s not that you’ll catch all those above-mentioned diseases just by sitting on a public toilet seat.

Your hands are not touching the seat and germs can only get inside your through your mouth. And I’m sure you can’t bring your own ass close to your mouth. So, chill.

Also, you might be stunned but the toilet seat of many public washrooms houses fewer germs than other parts of the washroom. Cutting the chase, the sink, the door handle, and of course, the floor is the places from where you can catch germs.

What can you do to avoid germs in public toilets

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Washing your hands properly with soap and making it a habit is a good start. Remember the school lessons, where they taught you the right way to wash your hand. You might not have paid much attention to it when you are at home, but make sure to wash your hands properly every time using a public washroom.

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Try not to touch the door handle with your bare hands, you don’t know how many people have touched it. And you don’t know how many of them washed their hands properly. Use the paper towel to first dry your hands and then use it to open the door.

Other than that try to occupy the last stalls, and avoid the middle stalls to take care of your emergency dump. As a 1995 study suggests that people mostly prefer the middle stalls of a public washroom. Use the one that is used by the least people and that’s it.

Public washrooms are not that bad, use these healthy tips and don’t be afraid of taking a dump in the public toilet.

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