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Meet Ayaz Motiwala From Karachi, Whose Election Campaign Will Make You Go Bonkers

The meaning of ‘Election campaigns’ won’t remain the same for you.

Forget about the door to door campaigns that the candidates used to come up with. That’s outdated. But then, what’s new?

Well, here it goes!

Ayaz motiwala in sewer

This independent candidate had the most moronic idea for the upcoming elections. He mixed cheap publicity with his election campaigns and voila, he succeeded in grabbing the attention from all around. (Who knew, right?)

Meet Ayaz Memom Motiwala, who is a god-knows-what. He thought, ‘What would be a better idea for a campaign than lying in sewage water and going live on Facebook?’ And he wasn’t kidding ok. He represents Aam Aadmi Pakistan (yeah that’s the name of his party). That too shortens to AAP.

This awesome guy sat on a dharna on Friday, in a puddle of sewage water to bring down the opposition party. (Amazing choice of the place BRO!).

And to take it to the next level of cheap patriotism, he further took a national flag and sat down on the road. He also asked his supporters to take photos as he smiled flaunting a victory sign.
Just to show how concerned he is with the people, he went live on FB and even drank the sewage water to ask for votes.

The precious ‘Jantaa’ referred to his act as a ‘cheap stunt’ and ‘making a fool of himself’. A few even thought that this just is just another nasty stunt and he will be forgotten as soon as the elections are over.

ayaz motiwala funny comments

But, this is not the first time he has done something crazy and stupid. He was also seen performing stunts like this recently-

Sleeping on a heap of Garbage

ayaz motiwala in garbage

Photoshoot amidst the garbage dump

ayaz motiwala in dustbin

Half-in and half -out of an open sewage hole

Eating lunch next to kachra

ayaz motiwala eating in garbage

Seems like he has a detailed idea of what the public wants. Who really cares about the water problem, the sewage problem, pollution etc?

I mean all they want is, to see him posing for the cameras while eating, drinking, sleeping, standing in (or near) garbage dumps. After all, the main concern of Karachi’s jantaa is lack of models for the garbage-filled-dumping-grounds, right?

Anyway, people have slammed him with comments that he truly deserved and labeled him as a fool. Here’s the best of them-

ayaz motiwala funny comments

Whatever be the case, he sure did spark some fire in the media. (Even if it was a hilarious one)

Watch the hilarious video here:

#موتیوالا_نے_گٹر_کا_پانی_پی_کے_حُکمرانوں_کو#دعوت_دےدی_کہ_کوئی_ایک_عوام_کے_مُفاد_میں#کیا_گیا_کام_بتاؤں #میرے_ساتھ_بیٹھ_کے_گٹر_کے#پانی_میں_جیسے_عوام_پیتے_ہیں_گندا_پانی_پیئو#نلکا #ایسا_انشاءاللّہ #پانی_سے_بھرا#Tareekh_Raqam#Teen_Azad_Halqo_Par_Ek_Hi #Intakhabi#Nishan #Nalqa (نلکا)#Nalkay_Ko_Vote_Do 🙂 #Nalqay_Me_Pani_Lo 🙂 #Thappa_Lagao_Sirf_Nalqay_Ko 🙂#PS_110#PS_111#NA_243

Ayaz Memon Motiwala द्वारा इस दिन पोस्ट की गई शनिवार, 30 जून 2018

Let’s see how far he goes with his out-of-the-universe-ideas. Btw, what do you think about this guy’s stunt?
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