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Ayodhya Airport Phase I Construction to Wrap Up by October

According to authorities, the Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram International Airport, which is only 8 kilometers from the future Ram temple, is on schedule to effortlessly merge contemporary and tradition.

According to recent announcements by Uttar Pradesh’s Minister of Tourism Jaiveer Singh, the Ayodhya Airport’s first phase of development would be completed by October 2023. The airport will not open to the public until January 2024, though.

The airport will include an attractive temporary terminal of 6,250 square meters. This terminal is a unique building that can handle over 600,000 people annually and can seat up to 300 passengers during peak times.

Shikharas will be adorned at the top of the terminal to provide a sense of grandeur to the project. In particular, the columns will represent key scenes from the Ramayana in rich detail, engaging visitors in the age-old story. The lavish decor of Ayodhya’s royal palace will be precisely recreated in the glass facade.

The architectural design, which ensures both aesthetic appeal and practical efficiency, expertly combines regional craftsmanship with modern features, something that officials take great satisfaction in highlighting.

Additionally, the building contains ecologically responsible technology meant to cut down on energy use and boost overall effectiveness. The ecologically responsible technology elements built into the airport include skylights, solar power systems, and effective rainwater collection systems, according to reports.

The terminal will include three conveyor belts. The two belts in the arrivals section and another one in the departures area. The new airport will also have eight check-in counters. Airlines are excitedly planning to provide flights to Ayodhya since it is expected to grow in popularity as a destination for pilgrims once the Ram temple is finished. According to UP Tourism statistics, Ayodhya alone attracted 154 million visitors in 2021, and this number is projected to rise in the coming years.

Several local airlines are fighting for the right to run flights to this airport, according to insiders in the industry, since they anticipate a sizable inflow of customers from all over India, notably the southern and western areas.

Additionally, codeshare flights from important cities like Delhi and Mumbai would make it convenient for international visitors to get to Ayodhya.

Calibration flights are planned to start right once the first phase is finished. Notably, the construction of airside facilities, particularly the enlargement and extension of the runway, is a crucial aspect of this phase. After the first phase is complete, the airport will be able to accommodate up to four Airbus A320-type aircraft, which will be a huge advancement in its growth.

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