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Serial Offender Azam Khan’s Apology For His Sexist Remark Sets Him Free. Is It Right?

Samajwadi Party lawmaker Azam Khan is in headlines, again.

And yes, for the umpteenth time, it was a remark that Khan made because he thought he could. The comment was very Azam Khan like, which clearly portrayed how low he could stoop and still feel nothing but proud about it.

The Azam Khan Comments List

azam khan apology

Azam is known for being the bad-mouth of the group whom everyone tolerates. But the question is, why? Why isn’t is kicked out and why are people still dealing with his nonsensical and cheap comments that he makes with so much pride?

His latest comment was made on Rama Devi, BJP MP who was obviously furious for being at the receiving end. It was a clear example of Khan’s ideologies that he can use to objectify or comment as he wishes to, especially when it comes to women.

Just so you know, this is his weapon during the time of elections. He feels that his obscene and explicit comments that are mostly concerning woman will make him people’s favorite. Just so you know, 13 more cases are already ongoing against Samajwadi Party (SP) MP Azam Khan in connection with his derogatory remarks during election.

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Azam Khan Apologized, But Was It Real?

azam khan apology

In Azam Khan’s words, “The matter which has come before you, I never had any such opinion about the Chair. I have twice been parliamentary affairs minister and minister for four times. I have been nine-time MLA and a member of the Rajya Sabha. The entire House knows what I said. But if the Chair thinks I have done something wrong, I apologize for it.”

Even the speaker might have the same notion. Which is why, when Azam finished his apology he was asked to repeat it again as Rama Devi couldn’t hear it for the first time.

With this, Khan stood up again. And yest again apologized with the addition that Rama Devi was always his sister and he treated her like one.

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Was Rama Devi Convinced?

azam khan and rama devi

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No one would be convinced that Azam really apologized and that he meant it. It was sad to see that he was shamelessly supported by Akhilesh Yadav when he was making the sexist comment.

Naturally, the apology meant nothing but a formality. And Rama Devi made it clear with her statement after Khan finished apologizing for the second time.

She said,”I didn’t come to Parliament to hear those words. He has a habit of making such statements. His remarks have hurt women and men. He can’t understand what he has done. Inki aadat bigadi hui hai, zaroorat se zada bigadi hui hai.”


  • This is not the first time Khan has faced flak for misogynist remarks against women.
  • July 27, a charge-sheet was filed against Khan in connection with the similar remark.
  • His party chief defended his remarks.
  • Khan apologized and said that he had always treated Rama Devi as his sister.

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