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10 Baba Who Proved Karma Doesn’t Spare Anyone

‘INDIA’ is a land of custom, traditions, rituals, culture, and everything sacred, where people are very superstitious and a huge believer in karma.

woman worshiping india

We believing in pouring milk on statues than giving it to a needy. We believe in lighting candles in front of a statue, instead of lighting one in a village where there is no electricity.

Why? Because once, a baba told us to do so! 

And we are also very sensitive about our culture, we cannot see someone mocking us in movies especially Hollywood.

how dare you gif

Oh! it also reminds me of the old 90’s movies where a young woman gets kidnapped by villains and utters the most overrated dialogue of that time “Bhagwan ke liye mujhe chhod do” (Please leave me in the name of god).

If you’d tell me something in the name of god, I will believe that. Especially, if you are either dressed in all white or dark saffron color. 

This blind faith has given rise to a lot successful people in India. Their product is ‘fear of god’. They sell this to some innocent people and take their peace of mind in return. And their business is shrooming, no one knows what is year on year growth but certainly it cannot be measured.

Some of them got caught while some are waiting for their turns. These self-styled god-man/woman or baba who claims themselves as ‘next to god’ got served with a plate full of ‘Karma’.

1. Asaram Bapu 

asaram bapu

  1. Holds almost 10,000 crores of wealth
  2. Accused of raping two minor girls and killing two boys of his ashram
  3. Serving jail since 2013 and has recently been sentenced to life imprisonment

2. Baba Ram Rahim

baba ram rahim

  1. Also called  Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh
  2. Charged by CBI for murder and rape cases
  3. Owns “Dera Sacha Sauda” properties” worth Rs 1,600 crores
  4. Raping 2 women followers in 2002
  5. Sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment

3. Narayan Sai

baba narayan sai

  1. Son of Asaram Bapu.
  2. Accused of raping a woman
  3. His estimated wealth is more than Rs. 5,000 crores
  4. Currently, in prison.

4. Sant Rampal

baba sant rampal

  1. Claims himself as a descendant of Sant Kabir
  2. Charged and arrested in a murder case during a religious battle caused by him
  3. He is the chief of a fancy Dera worth 100 crores and stay with a fleet of luxurious cars

5. Chandraswami 

baba chandraswami

  1. States himself as a professional astrologer and tantric.
  2. He was accused of conning a London business-man and was also involved in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhilate PM of India. 
  3. On May 2017, he died in hospital due to multiple organ failures

6. Nirmal Baba

nirmal baba

  1. Famous for his dialogue “Kripa Ayegi’
  2. Charged for cheating people for monetary benefits

7. Ichadhari Bhimanand

ichadhari bhimanand

  1. Was involved in running a sex racket.
  2. He used to work as a security guard in a hotel and later in a massage parlor
  3. Arrested for running sex racket in 1997 and for receiving a stolen property in  1998

8. Om Swami

baba om swami

  1. Appeared in Big Boss, TV reality show
  2. Assaulted female contestants in the live show
  3. Recently, he approached the ‘Nach Baliye’ makers to cast him in the show

9. Swami Assemanand

baba assemanand

  1. Former RSS activist who was involved in many unethical activities.
  2. Accused of planning various terror attacks.
  3. Arrested by CBI in 2010 for ‘Mecca Masjid bombing’

10. Paramhansa Nithyananda 

baba paramhansa nithyanand

  1. Was known as an ‘Avatar’ by his followers.
  2. Charged with sexual assaults.
  3. Was also involved in sexual activities with South Indian actress Rajnitha.

Claiming themselves as messengers of God, they have completely change the meaning of almighty and his ultimate powers.

Although, if we actually compare the cases of most of the past babas, stating themselves dearest to god, have a baggage of crimes hidden behind their damn ‘saffron jhola’.

Nevertheless, there are still many people who will fall for such beliefs and will be ready to lose even their lives to protect these baba.

In this world full of fakes, Who do you think is doing great work of preaching out there? Please share in comments.


I am a hip-hop music lover and I am passionate about writing rhymes. I prefer listening to music over movies any day. I do possess expert knowledge on content & influencer marketing and have helped some popular brands. I spend me time with memes (reading and creating both).

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