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Why Baba Sehgal Quotes On Food Will Irritate Your Funny Bone

Life is all about food and there is no denying that.

If you are going to school or going to office, the most exciting part of that time is lunch break. And you wait enthusiastically for the very moment to open your tiffin box to find something you’d want to eat endlessly.

But when you find ‘tinday ki sabzi’ aur ‘karele ki sabzi’ packed in that fortune box, your second half of the day gets crushed.

With the same zeal we opened Baba Sehgal’s Youtube channel to find something exciting.

But his fetish for food in his lyrics made us hate even the loveliest cuisines we crave for.

Behold the rap that can only be bestowed upon you by none other than one and only Baba Sehgal.

Check out these Baba Sehgal quotes on food:


baba sehgal quotes

Kholo Dabba Nikalo Food,

Khane Ka Ban Gaya Hai Mood

Malaai Nahi Aachar To Tai Na..

Paraanthe Ka Vichar To Hai Na


baba sehgal quotes

Abhi Dekho Na Kitchen Se Mom Ki Aai Hai Aawaz,

Beta Bane Hai Rajma Chawal Aur Sath Me Only Pyaaz


baba sehgal quotes

Rajma Ke Baad Thoda Aajata Hai Fart,

I Know Baby Its Heavy On Your Heart


baba sehgal quotes

Cheese Waala Pizza Fir Aajata Hai Saamne,

Fat wala khana kyu Banaya Hai Ram Ne


baba sehgal quotes

Table Par Rakho Plate,

Arey Don’t Worry About Your Weight

Life Me Daalo Spice..

Khao chicken fried rice


baba sehgal quotes

Safaachat Kardia Bhatura,

Washed Your Hands With Sabun

Teri Beauty Me Lag Gaya Hai Burkha..

Khaakar Gulab Jamun


baba sehgal quotes

Junk Food Is A Total No No,

Khana Ghar Ka Khayenge Dono


baba sehgal quotes

Char Aath Ya Bara Slices,

Now There Will Be No More Crisis

Khaalo Half Ya Khalo Poora..

Mat Chhodo Tum Pizza Adhura


baba sehgal quotes


Life Is All About Food

If Your Stomach Is Happy..

You Won’t Be Snappy


baba sehgal quotes

Umar Ho 20 Ya 50 Ke Andar,

Dilli Ki Sardi Rajaai Ke Andar

Scooter Ki Gaddi Ya Halwai Ki Jalebi..

Love You Bolegi Tu Pee Karke Baby

Adrak Wali Chai


baba sehgal quotes

Khaale Khaale Beth Ke Tu Upar Karke Dhoti,

Phone Laga Dhabe Pe Aur Mangwale Garam Roti


baba sehgal quotes

Veg Khao Ya Non-Veg Ye Apki Apni Choice Hai..

Is Democratic Country Me Meri Bhi Apni Voice hai

That’s enough “ZEHER in your food” for today folks! Hope you’re still alive!!


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