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Expecting A Baby? Here Are The Best Baby Moon Destinations For You

Babymoon is an escape for couples expecting a new addition to their little world. Frankly, carrying a baby bump to vacation may sound exhausting, but it could also be the most refreshing idea to execute. The best part about babymoon is that you, as a couple, allow yourself the time to think and plan your life ahead with maybe an endless sea to behold?

So, before you don the mom’s hat, take a trip to one of these amazing babymoon destinations.

1. Maldives


Restrict yourself from the hustle and bustle of the city and head to the Maldives for a scenic gateway. Famous for its white-sand beaches and crystal clear waters, Maldives can only send healthy vibes no matter what. And if your doctor is kind enough to allow, ensure you add snorkeling and diving in your itinerary.

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2. Bahamas, Caribbean


With more than 700 islands to choose from, the place is an ecological oasis boasting clearest waters on the Earth. The adventure at the Bahamas begins with long walks at cozy beaches and could end in whatever way you like, be it scuba diving, bird watching or sailing.

3. Prague, Czech Republic

Czech republic

Prague has a history that it echoes through its magnificent architecture that to be moms’ shouldn’t miss. Prague also offers a plethora of castles, zoos and its distinct flavours that you must not miss feating on.

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4. Kyoto, Japan

kyoto japan

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Influenced by traditional Japanese culture, Kyoto in Japan has an abundance of landscape and food – both sea and land – to absorb and practically eat. Moreover, Kyoto boasts both modern and traditional events that you and our baby could be a part of.

5. Bali, Indonesia


What makes Bali one of the most refreshing destinations to tour includes 100s of spas, beaches and villas that help you detox yourself before you officially become a mom. In addition, indulging in rafting, sightseeing, enjoying floating breakfast are other fun-ivities to fall for.

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