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4 Back Pain Symptoms You Should Take Very Seriously

Back pain is very normal nowadays.

Every other person you meet has back pain symptoms. However, most of you end up applying a balm or a spray to get an immediate fix. But you shouldn’t really do that.

Don’t panic just yet though. There are back pain symptoms that you can ignore and go on with your life. Some lower back pains can be ignored as they happen due to stress and a busy lifestyle. But if the pain is severe, you should consult a doctor. Similarly, here are 4 back pain symptoms that you should never ignore-

1. Back pain with mild fever

back pain symptoms with mild fever

Back pain symptoms accompanied by fever raises a red flag. If you have continuous back aches with mild or severe back pain, it could be something serious. Don’t make the mistake of treating it as a regular backache. It might be due to some underlying infection.

According to a spine surgeon, “This is exceedingly rare, and of course, people can have fevers for all kinds of reasons, but when it comes with continuous back pain, it can cause worry for an epidural abscess (a collection of pus that can affect the brain or spinal cord).”

Get yourself checked and take proper rest. Apply an ice pack to the affected area. It will help soothe the pain.

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2. Backache along with leg pain

back pain symptoms leg pain

If you have a backache that usually starts from your waist below and spreads till leg along with numbness, leg weakness, it might be signs that a nerve or collection of nerves is being pinched. There are various other reasons for this though.

It can be caused by a bone spur which are small projections that develop along bone edges. Or it could be disc herniation. It happens when you have issues with a rubber-like disk between the spinal bones.

Visit a nerve specialist and get yourself treated with the right medication. Take proper rest.

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3. Back pain that spreads to the neck

back pain symptoms with neck pain

Now, this is the most common back pain symptoms. Every other person happens to complain about neck-back pain. However, most of you confuse it with neck pain alone, but it actually originates from your spinal cord.

If you experience a tingling sensation in your hands when you have pain around your neck and back, it could be due to some issues in your spinal cord. Don’t apply any spray or ointment by yourself.

Get your spinal cord checked by a physician. Also, don’t stress your neck by working long hours in front of the computer.

4. Loss of bladder control with backache

back pain symptoms with

This happens rarely. But if it does, you shouldn’t take it lightly at all. It could also be the case that your bowel movement is affected by back pain. According to the doctors, there could be some serious problem in your spinal canal.

This means there’s something in the spinal canal (could be a disc herniation or lesion) compressing your nerves. It could even be to the extent that it’s affected the nerves of the bladder and bowel, creating temporary paralysis.

It needs immediate medical attention. Get it treated as soon as possible.

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In Conclusion:

You back takes a lot of pressure while functioning your body. Don’t ignore such back pain symptoms and visit the doctor. There could be some serious health problems you might be ignoring each time you apply a spray and go to sleep.

It’s your body and you need to take care of it.

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