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Back To Back Blunders: New Uttarakhand CM Says “America Ruled India For 200 Years…” – Watch

It has only been a week since Tirath Singh Rawat was offered the position of the Uttarakhand Chief Minister and he has already been in news for all the wrong reasons.

Days after commenting on the ripped jeans fashion among women, this time, Singh blamed the US for ruling India for “200 years” and we are like:

A video of his speech was recently shared by ANI in which he can be heard saying “America, which enslaved us for 200 years and ruled the whole world, is struggling” to control the coronavirus pandemic.

He, comparing India with the US on a number of COVID-19 cases, went on to add “as opposed to other countries, India is doing better in handling the pandemic. America, who enslaved us for 200 years and ruled the whole world… it is struggling at present.”

“The US is number one in the health sector and yet, they have over 50 lakh (Covid) deaths,” Mr Rawat added. “They are again heading towards a lockdown.”

“Who knows what would have happened to India had anyone else been the prime minister instead of Narendra Modi during this time… we would have been in a bad state. But he (PM) gave us relief,” he said.

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Mr Rawat added that PM Modi saved everyone, “but we didn’t follow his instructions. Wearing masks, sanitising, washing hands and social distancing — only some people followed.”

Ripped Jeans Remark

Earlier, Singh remark on women wearing ripped jeans and how the same fashion cannot – he feels – provide the right environment for children at home went viral. He had said that he was shocked to see a woman running an NGO in ripped jeans adding that he was concerned about the example she was setting for society.

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“If this kind of woman goes out in the society to meet people and solve their problems, what kind of message are we giving out to society, to our kids? It all starts at home. What we do, our kids follow. A child who is taught the right culture at home, no matter how modern he becomes, will never fail in life,” the Chief Minister had said.

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The comments were surely criticised and the women on the intent retaliated by posting pictures of them wearing ripped jeans under the hashtag #RippedJeansTwitter.

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